Buying FIFA COINS safely is something that every FIFA player is looking for at some point. However, the Internet is infested with scammers and because of the risk of being banned by EA, it is essential to know some important tips.

First of all: there is no way to send coins from one club to another. All transfers take place within the Ultimate Team transfer market, buying and selling players. 

We consulted some of the most experienced professionals in the field, and they all pointed to the following tips to buy your FIFA COINS safely:

Look for high-capacity suppliers

The multi-trade account draws more attention from EA’s surveillance system and makes it more likely to be banned. Therefore, what is meant by high capacity refers to the number of sellers available to carry out transactions for your account in order to make the process more organic in the eyes of the EA system.

Escape the comfort trade

In this method of buying and selling currencies, the seller needs access to their account to perform currency transfers. That if the seller actually intends to continue the contracted process. Therefore, avoid sharing your access data with others at all costs. In addition to the risk of losing your coins or even your account, your data can be used for various other types of fraud.

Avoid large transfers at once

For the same reason as looking for high-capacity vendors, avoid large transactions in order to avoid eye-popping transfers from EA’s system. So downloads of 100-500k weekly or daily are much safer.

Choose real players as sellers

The accounts of players who actually play the game often tend to have better quality.  Also, EA’s system even analyzes the number of games played, the frequency of login and other activities that indicate whether the account is a real player or just a bank of coins.

Look for an intermediary

With the internet, opportunities occur in several occurrences of scams applied to the free market, social networks and WhatsApp. So whenever you trade, choose a trusted intermediary to allow trading.

There is only one place that has considered all these aspects:! There are more than 2,000 suppliers of FIFA players. You do not need to provide your personal data; with several options of coin packages, where even the largest postages are carried out in an interleaved way to avoid large single transfers. Therefore, the website itself works as an intermediary and 24/7 customer service system!

Meet Futrading and build your dream time!

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