There are many FIFA 22 game modes that you can explore that are sure to bring you a good dose of fun and challenge combined.

It is possible to play the Career Manager and Player Modes, the famous Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, Seasons, Tournaments and Championships such as Libertadores and Champions League.

However, the highlight of FIFA 22 is the VOLTA Football mode, which is nothing more than a brief return of FIFA Street within FIFA 22.

Learn more about all FIFA 22 game modes in the text below! Good reading!

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What are FIFA 22 game modes?

FIFA is the best football game for a few years now and it’s no accident. The wide variety of game modes is what guarantees that it will appeal to all tastes.

So, here are the main FIFA 22 game modes:

FIFA 22 Career Mode

The FIFA 22 Career Mode is certainly one of the most interesting and fun in the entire game. In it, you can create your own manager and manage teams around the world or a player and play in the most diverse clubs.

The reason behind the success of this mode, which has been present in the franchise for many years, is that you have the freedom to either choose a third division team and stay true to it, or accept to coach other teams as the seasons go by.

Whatever your goal, there is still the possibility of being called up to manage teams and participate in friendlies around the world and not miss the World Cup.

And all this while playing for the national championship of your main team!

In Career Mode, you’ll get the full experience and won’t miss a championship. Whether it’s League 2 or the Premier League, over time you’ll be able to compete in major world championships like the UEFA Champions League.

It’s worth mentioning that if you don’t want to play by spending time setting up and managing lineups or making deals, the Player Career Mode is the right alternative.

In it, you can either play with your player on the field or control the entire team.

FIFA 22 Career Mode news

One of the new features of FIFA 22 is the possibility to create a team from scratch, customizing uniforms, shields and even the club’s stadium. The player can also choose to start in an elite world football league or in lower divisions.

Another change is that now, whenever a player stands out in the team or spends a lot of time on it, the mosaics present in the arenas are formed.

Additionally, Career Mode now has performance challenges to complete during matches. They are for you to earn rating points with the coach and teammates.

Player development has also seen overhauls with the deployment of a skill tree. In it, you use the points received to improve game characteristics.

Finally, the game also features a system of perks that can be used to improve your performance during matches.

Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team, in turn, is one of FIFA 22’s online modes. In it, you earn player cards and FIFA Coins as you play the different modes within Ultimate.

This creates a real player market, called the Transfer Market in-game. In it, you can either put the cards you’ve won for sale or buy new player cards to boost your main squad.

However, despite being an “online mode” of FIFA 22, even if you don’t have a very good internet connection, it is still possible to play Ultimate Team, as there are several modalities within this game mode that can be played offline.

Ultimate Team FIFA 22 news

One of the most popular modes in FIFA, Ultimate Team has undergone some changes with the release of FIFA 22.

The first of these was with the creation of a new season progression system for Division Rivals. The mode now features win streaks, leaderboards and a new Elite Division.

The divisions, in this new version of FIFA, are made up of phases and classifications. So if you achieve a winning streak, your progress will be faster.

At the end of the season, the divisions are reset and the stage in which the player finishes will be the same stage in which he starts in the next competition.

Another important point is that the rewards will take into account the games played, even in case of defeat.

VOLTA Football


FIFA Street is back in FIFA 22’s VOLTA mode, to the delight of all fans of this series that has been so loved since its first release in 2005, even its brief return on seventh generation consoles (PS3 and XBOX 360). ) in 2012.

In it, you can control mixed street football squads and, in FIFA 22, they add a story mode within the game so you can have even more fun.

With tournaments held around the world, you’ll have the chance to relive the glory days of FIFA Streets while you may end up having surprises on your way to meet great players like Kaká, who funds one of the tournaments.

VOLTA Football FIFA 22 news

Players in VOLTA Football mode now have a Skill Gauge, filled according to their dribbling and talents during the match.

With this, depending on your performance, it is possible to make goals worth more points.

Another change to receiving Distinctive Abilities, classified as:

  • Bomb;
  • Pure Breed;
  • Aggressive Split.

This feature can be activated by the RB/RI button and automatically recharges after a while. It is also possible to make modifications to each game.

Finally, we also have VOLTA Arcade, a type of “mini-game” for up to four players including games such as: Queimada, Sebo nas Canelas, Boninho and Fute-Tênis. All of them with their football player.

Pro Clubs

Pro Clubs is definitely one of the most innovative modes in FIFA 22, as it allows you to be a football player and play in your preferred position in matches where up to 11 players play against 11, just like in real life.

You’ll be able to take on the role of any role on the pitch, from striker to goalkeeper.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how to distribute the available skill points at the beginning so that you can create a player that performs his role well.

At least 2 people need to be online to play Pro Clubs mode and it features improvised matches, in which ten players are randomly distributed into two teams of five, as in a soccer game.

In this mode, you will be able to play league and cup matches, in which you can create a team and invite your friends to play or join a created team and move up through divisions until you are in the elite.

Pro Clubs FIFA 22 news

The biggest new feature of the Pro Clubs mode in FIFA 22 is the Impromptu Match. Through it, it is possible to prepare a team with up to four friends or recent players before starting to search for a competition.

In this way, it becomes possible to gain experience playing with teammates without affecting your history and to form teams with people from other teams without leaving your club.

The mode also has Archetypes, more detailed qualities that help in creating the personality and identity of the players on the field.

Archetypes can be acquired for Skill Points at the end of the skill tree.

EA also brought new customizations such as field color, goal songs, club nicknames, ball and cheers.



Seasons mode is the simplest online mode: you choose a preferred team and play online matches against other players.

These X1 will allow you to win and climb the division, from the tenth to the elite of seasons, the first division of the game.

This modality also has a co-op in which you and a friend can control a team at the same time against other duos.

It’s a great way to gain experience and technical skills, as you’ll meet players of all levels and thus evolve your individual gameplay.

Tournaments and Championships

Finally, the FIFA 22 Tournaments and Championships could not be left out. You can play the most varied tournaments around the world, however, here in Brazil, the Champions League and the Libertadores of America reign supreme.

Although it’s not possible to play with Brazilian teams with their original squad in Libertadores, these modes can still give you that quick weekend fun.

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The FIFA 22 game modes are the great difference between FIFA in relation to other football games available on the market.

Each of these modes is designed to cater to targeted audiences, but at the same time, all of them can be enjoyed in equal measure by all players.

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Thanks so much for reading!

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