Since it was released in FIFA 2016, the Fut Draft mode has had its ups and downs. However, starting with FIFA 19, EA gave this game mode a reinvigoration, which was present in FIFA 20 and is again in FIFA 21.

However, many players don’t know about Fut Draft, how it works and how it’s a great way to put your strategic skills to the test and have fun playing with legendary cards in Ultimate Team mode.

Understand everything about the FIFA 21 Fut Draft mode below:

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What is Fut Draft Mode?


The Fut Draft Mode seeks to challenge the player in their ability to manage a club and build a quality squad that wins matches.

In it, the player receives cards from random players and needs to climb the best team possible with them.

However, there is a detail: access is not free – you need to spend FIFA Points or FIFA Coins to play in this mode.

Fut Draft allows the player to experience the strongest FIFA Ultimate Team player cards. However, they are for temporary use and do not remain in your inventory.

What is Fut Draft for?

The idea behind Fut Draft is to test players’ skills both when playing a game with powerful cards, and when building a squad and managing a team that will play multiple games in a row.

However, beyond that, there is another reason for the existence of the Fut Draft mode.

Let’s face it: not every FIFA player is lucky enough to be able to take the best players out of FIFA Ultimate Team, even if they spend all day opening packs.

How does Fut Draft work in FIFA 21?

In Fut Draft mode, the player must first choose a tactical scheme, which will be their default tactical scheme, and then choose a player to be the captain plus a set of 5 superstars.

The rest of the roster must be filled with 23 players, who will be scaled to their positions from a random draw of 5 players.

After choosing his starting line-up and bench, the player can change places to improve the chemistry between the squad.

Then it’s time for the ball on the field. The challenges take place in a series of 4 matches, which can be played offline or online, against opponents from all over the world.

The more the player progresses, the greater their rewards. The best rewards come when the player manages to win the 4 matches consecutively.

Top Tips for Using Fut Draft Mode in FIFA 21


As it is a lesser known mode for most players, there are some particularities in Fut Draft that make it more difficult for FIFA beginners.

However, it is quite possible to do well in FUT even without having much experience in this modality.

For this, check out some tips to start playing this mode and evolve within it:

Start by Giving Preference to Offline Mode

Even if Fut Draft is played online to achieve more results, it is possible to choose, even at the beginning of the game, the offline mode.

If you’ve never played FUT or are still a beginner, giving preference to it can be an excellent strategy.

After all, this is an easier alternative than playing against other players who have been on this road for a longer time.

Playing with opponents controlled by the game’s CPU, you can choose the difficulty of the match without interfering with the prize pool and adapt better to existing modalities.

It’s a great way to refine your skills before taking on other players who might be much more skilled.

Select Difficulties

Especially in the beginning, try to avoid the higher difficulties and choose the difficulty up to SemiPro, according to your skill.

The reason is clear: the harder the match, the more chances you have of losing the game and ending up losing.

It’s a way to maximize your earnings and avoid losing what you’ve invested.

Attention to Player Engagement

One of the main goals of draft players is to form teams with high scores.

For this to happen, in addition to selecting athletes with a good general level, it is also necessary to make connections between them.

Thus, increasing your final score, which can exceed 190 points.

A nice tip is to pay attention to the chemistry of the players. Players with greater chemistry are more likely to make rehearsed plays and more goals.

So look for players with high ratings, but who also get along well with the rest of the team.

Instead of going by luck, you can be more strategic:

By holding the Square and X buttons (for PS4) or X and A (for Xbox One) at the same time, you can visualize your team and which players have the most characteristics in common with the chosen manager.

With this information, choose the one that can get the most bonuses for the most athletes in the starting lineup.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out for Idol cards, which contribute to chemistry and generally have great quality.

In order not to harm your result, it is worth avoiding players out of position or with bad connections.

Another feature is to use some players in the formation just to generate strong links and replace them with better ones once the match starts.

With that, even burning substitutions without needing, you get cards with better physique and resistance to injuries.

Attention to the Choice of Captain and Technician

Like other FIFA modes, FUT also allows the use of manager cards to increase team chemistry.

For this, the team must have a nationality or league in common with them.

The tip is repeated: hold the Square and X buttons (for PS4) or X and A (for Xbox One) and compare the common characteristics between them.

When choosing the captain, good interaction and rapport with the other players is also the rule.

Again, give preference to players who train in the same region, country or league.

Change Strategies During the Match

Although it is not possible to change the tactics, you can change the strategies while the match is happening – just access the pause menu.

Ultimate Team does not allow you to change your team’s tactics (or formation) while a match is in progress.

Even so, you can customize your team’s strategy.

Some options that can help you achieve a better result in matches are:

  • Centre-back retreated;
  • Midfielders coming back to score;
  • Offensive full-backs;
  • Pivot in attack.

To make these changes, simply pause the game and access the team management menu.

Options include individual instructions, advanced tactics for the entire team and selection of scouts. When well selected, they can be an extra help to win games.

Don’t forget about reserve players

Originally, the bench serves as an alternative for when the chosen player ends up not playing as expected or having an accident.

Likewise, reserve players play an important role in increasing team performance in FUT Draft mode.

Therefore, you should stay tuned to trigger them whenever you see a gap that increases the team’s performance.

Before even finishing team formation, you can move interesting players from reserve to starting team.

This helps to strengthen your squad and improve your rapport with the rest of the players.

You can also start the match with players considered ‘inferior’, but with good connection with the other teammates, and leave some stars in the reserve.

And with that, before the game starts or in the middle of the game, exchange them for better ones that are on the bench.

Keep the formation in line with your style

At the very beginning of each Draft, you need to choose a formation for your team that will be used in all your matches.

Think that, in addition to defining the style of play, positioning can end up influencing the players available for your team.

So, already have in mind which players you want to use and try to define correct positions to increase the chance of finding them.

In addition, understanding whether your style of play is defensive or offensive can help you use this characteristic to your advantage in team formation.

If you have a defensive style, look for players with similar characteristics, as that’s where your advantage lies.

At the end of the day, it’s always worth thinking about the lineup to get the most out of every play.

Can Anyone Enter Fut Draft?

No. The Fut Draft mode is exclusive, that is, it can only be played by players who have a Club Fut and, to play, it is necessary to pay an entry fee with FIFA Points or FIFA Coins.

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Fut Draft is a relatively new mode, but very interesting, especially for those FIFA fans who want to have the experience of feeling challenged and at the same time being able to play with the best cards in Ultimate Team.

However, it should be noted that, in online mode, Fut Draft may not be so kind to those who are starting, as it takes a lot of skill and strategy to be able to face more experienced players.

In addition, the mode is not free: you will need to spend FIFA Points or FIFA Coins to gain access to the most valuable cards in the game temporarily. And the best place to buy your FIFA Coins is through Futranding! Here, you receive your product in up to 20 minutes! Find out more about our services!

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