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No more anger! Have fun with FIFA again

Today in the FIFA scene, what I’m seeing is a huge disappointment from people, complaining about EA, complaining about the game’s mechanics and getting angry instead of having fun…

And this is very curious, because every year we have more and more people playing FIFA and the scene only grows…

That’s why I want to be with you, helping you focus 100% on your gameplay and leaving aside those factors that only slow you down and hinder you.
This is the big point, the big difference that will separate you from those who only complain!

More than 2,500 Auei School students have already had fun and leisure time with FIFA again and I want to bring that feeling back to you!

Who will you learn from?

Fifa Auei – It has already reached the TOP 100 in South America, generates content for more than 80 thousand followers on Instagram @fifaauei and has helped more than 5,500 students to evolve in Ultimate Team.

“My name is Juan Cortes and I have been playing FIFA since version 14 of the game and always in Ultimate Team mode.

During all these versions of the game, I dedicated many hours of study and invested a lot of money in several courses from renowned professionals in the market, videos, forums and blogs, thus managing to reach the TOP 100 stage in South America, always with excellent results in the Weekend League!”