How does chemistry work in FIFA Ultimate Team?

Knowing how FIFA Ultimate Team chemistry works is one of the best ways to improve your performance when playing FUT and can make life a lot easier for people just starting out in competitive mode.

That’s because, despite being an attribute that goes unnoticed by many people, chemistry improves team performance on the field in general, as players will be more integrated and will be able to play better as a team.

Therefore, there are a number of tricks and rules that you must follow when you are building a team with superior chemistry and today Futrading will show you what these secrets are and how to use them to be able to play Ultimate Team better. Good reading!

After all, what is chemistry in FUT?

Chemistry, also known as chemistry, are effects that are applied to players on a team as soon as a game begins.

These effects are defined by a combination of the team’s Chemistry and the player’s individual Chemistry and are modified according to the Chemistry Style applied.

For example, with the starting 11 players, you have 25% team chemistry and 75% individual chemistry, while substitute players get 5% static chemistry.

That is, although substitute players benefit from a team with higher team chemistry, they will not receive the effects of an individual player’s chemistry.

How is it calculated?

The chemistry between players is calculated using a very simple formula, which you can check below:

  • (Team Chemistry x 0.25) + [(Player Chemistry x 10) x 0.75]

If the sum of these values is greater than 50, the qualities of the players affected by the chemistry style begin to improve from their maximum value.

For example, if increasing this value raises a player’s qualities above 99, the increase will be limited to 99.

If the sum is 50, then the number is neutral and there will be no change in the basic qualities of the player with respect to the active chemistry style.

If the sum is 49 or less, the qualities of the players are reduced by the negative modifier towards the minimum quality of 1.

You might even have gotten a bit confused by everything we’ve just explained here, right? So we are going to give you an example of how this works to clarify things and for you to understand better.

Let’s say you have a team with a chemistry between the starting chemistry of 100 and 10 players.

In this scenario, we would have the following progression:

  1. (Team Chemistry x 0.25) + [(Player Chemistry x 10) x 0.75]
  2. (100 x 0,25) + [(10 x 10) x 0,75]
  3. 25 + 75
  4. 100

Once you get this number, you need to plug it into the individual qualities formula to see how individual qualities are calculated. For instance:

  • 100 – 50 = 50
  • 50 / 50 = 1
  • 1 x (maximum impulse value) = quality change

In another example, with a substitute with 100 team chemistry (and 5 individual static chemistry), we would have the following:

  1. (Team Chemistry x 0.25) + [(Player Chemistry x 10) x 0.75]
  2. (100 x 0,25) +[(5 x 10) x 0,75]
  3. 25 + 37,5
  4. 62,5

Once you get this number, you need to count it in the individual qualities formula to see how changes in individual qualities are calculated, i.e:

  • 62,5 – 50 = 12,5
  • 12,5 / 50 = 0,25
  • 0,25 x (maximum impulse value) = quality change.

In some rare cases, there is a slight variation in the exact quality value received by a player due to the effects of how each console’s processor handles floating point operations before chemistry is applied.

How to increase chemistry in FIFA Ultimate Team?

As you’ve seen, both player and team chemistry change similarly, with different factors changing your score.

But even knowing the calculations and how they are done, you must surely ask yourself: and how can I increase the chemistry in FUT?

Well, for you to get optimal results, you should hit 10 and 100 respectively. Then see a list of the main items that can help you increase your players’ chemistry score in FIFA 22 FUT:

Player position

The player’s position, which is indicated below his card, will appear in orange, red or green. The color red means he is totally out of position, reducing player and team chemistry. Orange means partially out of position. Although it still reduces some player and team chemistry points, this penalty is less than the color red. The green color means that the players are in the correct position, increasing both player and team chemistry.

Links with other players

Links to other players, or links to other players, are indicated by colored lines between players. As with positions, these lines can appear in red, orange, or green.

Each of the colors indicates a type of connection that these players have (by club, league or nationality.

Red does not mean anything in common, decreasing the chemistry of the player and the team. Orange signifies a common element and increases the chemistry of the player and the team. Finally, the color green indicates that they have two or more qualities in common, increasing the chemistry of the player and the team much more than orange.

However, the actual result of this count is determined by all the player links: each red is -1, each orange is +1, and each green is +2.

Adding up all the links, you need a positive result for chemistry to win.


The coach has chemical characteristics similar to the coach’s player connections, nationality and league (but not his club).

Each player who shares a nationality or league with the coach will receive a chemistry bonus, shown by a small tie icon on his card.


Players who have played 10 or more matches for your club will receive loyalty bonuses, increasing the player’s chemistry by 1 point. It will appear as a green shield on the player’s card.

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As you’ve seen, FIFA Ultimate Team chemistry is a very important aspect when building your squad, as it can make a difference in your squad’s performance in online matches.

Therefore, keep in mind that you should always prioritize these attributes and try to maximize them, as this will allow you to play better and stand out in the competitive mode of FIFA 22.

Apply the tips we’ve given you here, build an amazing team, and remember: when you need FIFA Coins to buy that card you’ve been dating for a long time, count on Futrading for help!

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