Custom Tactics in FIFA: main ones and how to use them

táticas personalizadas fifa

Every player in the biggest football simulator today needs to know how to use FIFA customized tactics to be able to develop a good game plan and a better control of their own team when playing a match.

That’s why today Futrading will bring you a special text showing you how to use FIFA tactics in the menu before and in the middle of games to win more matches. Good reading!

Main types of Custom Tactics in FIFA

Now check out a guide on how to customize tactics in FIFA:

Defensive Style

The Defensive Style option is for you to define how your defensive players will play. Here’s what each option means:

Stay Behind: this tactic serves to maintain your team’s formation in order to offer your opponents more possession of the ball. Your forward thrusts will be more passive and it is possible that you will have fewer attacking options when you recover the ball;

Balanced: In this style, your team will press the ball in midfield in a balanced way;

Pressing the opponent’s mistake: as the name implies, in this option, your team will maintain the position until the opportunity arises to pressure the opponent to make a mistake;

Pressing after losing the ball: this tactic means that, after your team loses a ball, your players press the opponent to be able to reverse the situation;

Constant Pressure: This tactic serves to put pressure on the opposing team at all times. Use with care as it can make your players fatigued faster, being pushed out of position in the final minutes of matches.

Offensive Style

The offensive style, on the other hand, is an option that will define your team’s strategy when attacking the opposing team. Understand what each option below means:

Possession of the Ball: This tactic is for players to give each other more support instead of investing in back clearances. This tactic strengthens the short passing style of play, but it will take your team longer to build an offensive play;

Balanced: this tactic is to leave the offensive strategy balanced, which maintains its positioning and in which the players will support and make the demarcations when they consider the right moment.

Long Passing: Your team will focus on clearances for long passes or for empty spaces in the back of the opposing defense. Fast forwards with good offensive positioning are the most effective in this tactic.

Fast Build: Ultimately, this tactic makes your players ready to build faster plays. However, the chances of losing the ball and subjecting yourself to a counterattack are higher.

Defensive Width

Defensive width is used to define your team’s positioning when defending. A tighter choice causes your players to be placed in more central positions, making it difficult for players to play between lines.

A smaller width, however, will make your team more subject to the outer spaces, while larger widths will leave your central defense more open.

Offensive Width

The offensive width works with the same logic as the defensive width, that is, it will define where your team will attack.

With a smaller offensive width, you will attack more in the middle of the field, while with a larger offensive width, your chances of attack will be built by the wings.

Corner Kicks

Custom Corner Tactics can be divided into three options: few players in the area, a balanced number of players in the area, or too many players in the area.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these FIFA custom tactics:

  • Few players: this strategy places few players inside the opponent’s area at the time of the corner. It decreases the chances of heading, but increases the chances of a volley or long shot after the opposing team clears the ball;
  • Balanced style: in this strategy, you will place a balanced number of players inside the enemy area at the time of the corner.
  • Many players: this strategy places many players inside the opponent’s area at the moment of the corner. It’s great if you want more chances to hit goals with your head, but be careful, as, in addition to reducing your chances of a volley if the enemy team moves the ball away, it can also make you more vulnerable to a counterattack.


On the other hand, free kick tactics concern the positioning of your players in free kicks in case of fouls in midfield. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the free-throw options:

  • Few players: places few players in attacking positions to receive a cross from the free-kick. It is a more defensive approach, which prioritizes possession of the ball and reducing the chance of counterattacking;
  • Balanced: places a regular amount of players inside the area. It’s a way to attack without harming the defense so much.
  • Many Players: Places multiple players inside the area. Your scoring chances increase, but your vulnerability to counterattacks also increases.

Players in the Area

Finally, the option of players in the area concerns the adjustments of your team while you are advancing in the enemy area. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of each of the player options in the area:

  • Few Players: Place fewer players in the area for crossing situations. It’s a more patient attacking style, making your other players rarely enter the area to try and score goals;
  • Balanced: Places a regular number of players inside the area. As the name suggests, it is a balanced style;
  • Lots of players: It’s a completely offensive style. Your team will enter almost entirely in the area to try to generate goal situations. Be careful when using this strategy so you don’t leave yourself vulnerable to counterattacks.

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Enjoyed learning more about the top FIFA Custom Tactics? Use them whenever you need according to the players on your team.

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5 TIPS to buy FIFA COINS safely!

Buying FIFA COINS safely is something that every FIFA player is looking for at some point. However, the Internet is infested with scammers and because of the risk of being banned by EA, it is essential to know some important tips.

First of all: there is no way to send coins from one club to another. All transfers take place within the Ultimate Team transfer market, buying and selling players. 

We consulted some of the most experienced professionals in the field, and they all pointed to the following tips to buy your FIFA COINS safely:

Look for high-capacity suppliers

The multi-trade account draws more attention from EA’s surveillance system and makes it more likely to be banned. Therefore, what is meant by high capacity refers to the number of sellers available to carry out transactions for your account in order to make the process more organic in the eyes of the EA system.

Escape the comfort trade

In this method of buying and selling currencies, the seller needs access to their account to perform currency transfers. That if the seller actually intends to continue the contracted process. Therefore, avoid sharing your access data with others at all costs. In addition to the risk of losing your coins or even your account, your data can be used for various other types of fraud.

Avoid large transfers at once

For the same reason as looking for high-capacity vendors, avoid large transactions in order to avoid eye-popping transfers from EA’s system. So downloads of 100-500k weekly or daily are much safer.

Choose real players as sellers

The accounts of players who actually play the game often tend to have better quality.  Also, EA’s system even analyzes the number of games played, the frequency of login and other activities that indicate whether the account is a real player or just a bank of coins.

Look for an intermediary

With the internet, opportunities occur in several occurrences of scams applied to the free market, social networks and WhatsApp. So whenever you trade, choose a trusted intermediary to allow trading.

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FIFA 20: Is it a game of chance or a slot machine?

Alguns países estão associando o Ultimate Team do FIFA à jogos de azar e “Slot machine”. Porém, o que isso quer dizer? É só clicar aqui e entender.

There were several recent news relating the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team to games of chance or “slot machine”, as it is known in the gringa. However, what does this really mean? To better explain it to you, we have prepared this text, check it out.


For starters, games of chance are those played by casinos, normally. It is self-explanatory, as they are games that depend on probability or better known as luck.

Whoever provides these games, bets on the highest probability and always has the highest chance of winning, aiming to profit from their operations. On the other hand, if you bet and win, either you are VERY lucky or the game owner is VERY unlucky.

In some countries, including Brazil, gambling is prohibited by law. The rationale for such a ban is: they are highly addictive and make players vulnerable to losing everything they have.


In FIFA, the only way to put money into the game is through FIFA Points. With it, you can buy player packs to equip your team. However, these packages, for many experts, fall under the concept of “slot machine” or slot machines. Basically, it’s like you’re putting a certain amount of money to spin the wheel and see what happens.

Most of the time, the outcome is uncertain. Because the odds are pretty murky and you never know if there’s manipulation or not. The game provider has the power to modify the odds in any way it sees fit.

However, what we do know is that the provider of this type of game always bets on the highest probability. Because that’s how they’re going to profit, it’s no different on Ultimate Team.

So, by opening a pack with players on FIFA Ultimate Team, EA is betting with you. Because you won’t get any items of value and, fueled by the dream, you’ll keep trying again.

In Belgium, the Court ordered the prohibition of this system. Therefore, EA can no longer sell FIFA Points in the country. Only FIFA Coins can be used to open the packages. Because of this, it is possible that this measure applies in other countries where games of chance are prohibited. And Brazil is one of those countries.

So if you want to play with the game, know your odds. The chance of losing is much greater. That’s why we always recommend avoiding packs, but don’t limit your enjoyment if that’s what completes your game satisfaction.

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Playing FIFA on PS4 or Xbox One: which console is the best?

fifa playstation ou xbox one

Every fan of the greatest football simulator has wondered “FIFA: PS4 or XBOX One?”.

It is a very common and very pertinent question, because although the differences seem to be few, they exist and everything will depend on your preference.

However, we also need to say here that, with the new generation of consoles, the differences have gotten even bigger and that the option to play on PC is also quite advantageous for those who want to test both types of controllers to find the one that best suits their needs. style.

Therefore, today Futrading will show you what to evaluate when choosing the platform you will use to play FIFA and the advantages and disadvantages of each platform. Good reading!

What to evaluate on the console to choose the best?

When choosing a console to play FIFA 22, the factors to be considered depend a lot on the context of each person.

If you have enough money to buy a high-end console like the PlayStation 5 or XBOX Series, be aware that this option is way better than the PS4 or XBOX One.

That’s because the graphics are much better on this console and there are some differences that can make the game more fun.

For example, when playing in the opposing team’s stadium on PS5 or XBOX Series, if you’re making a chocolate on the opposing team, you’ll see the stadium crowd emptying out in real time – and the same happens if you’re drinking a chocolate in your stadium .

On the other hand, if you already have a high-end PC, with the most powerful graphics cards on the market, this functionality will also be there.

If you don’t have the money to make a big purchase like a PS5 or XBOX Series, you can also have fun.

That’s because the PS4 and XBOX One are still great consoles and there’s no gameplay difference from the past generation to the new. The only difference is in graphics and functionality.

Another factor you should consider when choosing a console to play FIFA 22 is the controls.

Some say that the XBOX controller is more ergonomic and better for playing FIFA, however, this is a matter of personal taste, so our suggestion is that you find a way to test both options on your own.

What platforms is FIFA available to play on?

fifa playstation ou xbox em quais consoles

Now that you’ve seen what factors to consider when choosing a console to play FIFA 22, see the advantages and disadvantages of each of the platforms FIFA is available on today:


XBOX One is a console from the past generation. Despite that, it’s still a great option to play FIFA 22, as there aren’t many differences between it and the next-gen console.

The big difference between the two is in the graphics. Player, field and stadium models are simpler on XBOX One.

While for some people these characteristics make a total difference, for those who just want to have fun, it is not such a big factor to be taken into account.

The advantage of choosing an XBOX One is that you will pay a lot less than choosing an XBOX Series, as it is an outdated console.

On the other hand, as new editions of FIFA are being released in the next few years, the version of XBOX One could be very outdated.

XBOX Series

As we saw in the previous topic, the main advantage of the XBOX Series over XBOX One is the graphics, which are much better than in the last generation console.

In the XBOX Series, you can see more details in the modeling and animations of the players on the field, as well as the better details of the audience and the stadium.

That’s because the new generation consoles have a graphics engine that can render lighting that is practically equal to the real world.

This ensures more realism for the simulator overall.

In addition, we also need to highlight the advantage of using XBOX over PlayStation: the controls.

XBOX controls are recognized worldwide for being more ergonomic to play FIFA when compared to PlayStation.

This is because the analogs are not in the same position, as is the case with the PlayStation controllers. This ensures that you change game options faster.


The PS4, like the XBOX One, is also a great option for those who don’t have that much money to spend and are just looking to have fun.

The graphics engine on this console can’t simulate real-world light and doesn’t have as much detail as on the PS5 and XBOX Series.

However, it’s still a great option for those who don’t have a very high budget and want to play online in the most competitive modes.


The advantages of the PS5 over the PS4 are also basically the same as the advantages of the XBOX Series over the XBOX One.

That is, there is a better graphics engine, which will guarantee you better image quality, especially if you have a 4k television.

However, the big disadvantage of this console (and the XBOX Series) is the price. In addition to the console being more expensive, games are too.

Therefore, it is an investment for those who have some money to spare and don’t mind spending more than 5,000 reais on a console.


Finally, the PC is one of the best options, especially for those who already have a computer assembled and only need to replace a few parts.

Although the price of video cards soars on account of cryptocurrency investors, in the long run, the PC is more advantageous than a console, as you don’t need to buy an entirely new platform, only replacement parts.

The big downside of PC to FIFA, however, is that you have to necessarily buy a controller to play better.

The keyboard controls are not user-friendly compared to the controls.

On the other hand, you can use the more ergonomic option, as the XBOX is a console from Microsoft, which is the most common operating system on gamer PCs.

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Conclusion: after all, what is the best console to play FIFA?

As you’ve seen, there are big differences between XBOX and PlayStation when it comes to playing FIFA. These differences are not present so much in the graphics, but in the controls.

XBOX controls are more ergonomic and allow for more agile play when compared to PlayStation controls.

The big difference, however, is in the graphics. New generation consoles are much more realistic thanks to the graphics engine on these consoles, which allow for more details and can simulate real-life lighting.

In the end, the best console to play FIFA will depend on your financial condition. The most important thing, in the end, is that you can have fun playing.

Thank you so much for reading!

How does chemistry work in FIFA Ultimate Team?

Knowing how FIFA Ultimate Team chemistry works is one of the best ways to improve your performance when playing FUT and can make life a lot easier for people just starting out in competitive mode.

That’s because, despite being an attribute that goes unnoticed by many people, chemistry improves team performance on the field in general, as players will be more integrated and will be able to play better as a team.

Therefore, there are a number of tricks and rules that you must follow when you are building a team with superior chemistry and today Futrading will show you what these secrets are and how to use them to be able to play Ultimate Team better. Good reading!

After all, what is chemistry in FUT?

Chemistry, also known as chemistry, are effects that are applied to players on a team as soon as a game begins.

These effects are defined by a combination of the team’s Chemistry and the player’s individual Chemistry and are modified according to the Chemistry Style applied.

For example, with the starting 11 players, you have 25% team chemistry and 75% individual chemistry, while substitute players get 5% static chemistry.

That is, although substitute players benefit from a team with higher team chemistry, they will not receive the effects of an individual player’s chemistry.

How is it calculated?

The chemistry between players is calculated using a very simple formula, which you can check below:

  • (Team Chemistry x 0.25) + [(Player Chemistry x 10) x 0.75]

If the sum of these values is greater than 50, the qualities of the players affected by the chemistry style begin to improve from their maximum value.

For example, if increasing this value raises a player’s qualities above 99, the increase will be limited to 99.

If the sum is 50, then the number is neutral and there will be no change in the basic qualities of the player with respect to the active chemistry style.

If the sum is 49 or less, the qualities of the players are reduced by the negative modifier towards the minimum quality of 1.

You might even have gotten a bit confused by everything we’ve just explained here, right? So we are going to give you an example of how this works to clarify things and for you to understand better.

Let’s say you have a team with a chemistry between the starting chemistry of 100 and 10 players.

In this scenario, we would have the following progression:

  1. (Team Chemistry x 0.25) + [(Player Chemistry x 10) x 0.75]
  2. (100 x 0,25) + [(10 x 10) x 0,75]
  3. 25 + 75
  4. 100

Once you get this number, you need to plug it into the individual qualities formula to see how individual qualities are calculated. For instance:

  • 100 – 50 = 50
  • 50 / 50 = 1
  • 1 x (maximum impulse value) = quality change

In another example, with a substitute with 100 team chemistry (and 5 individual static chemistry), we would have the following:

  1. (Team Chemistry x 0.25) + [(Player Chemistry x 10) x 0.75]
  2. (100 x 0,25) +[(5 x 10) x 0,75]
  3. 25 + 37,5
  4. 62,5

Once you get this number, you need to count it in the individual qualities formula to see how changes in individual qualities are calculated, i.e:

  • 62,5 – 50 = 12,5
  • 12,5 / 50 = 0,25
  • 0,25 x (maximum impulse value) = quality change.

In some rare cases, there is a slight variation in the exact quality value received by a player due to the effects of how each console’s processor handles floating point operations before chemistry is applied.

How to increase chemistry in FIFA Ultimate Team?

As you’ve seen, both player and team chemistry change similarly, with different factors changing your score.

But even knowing the calculations and how they are done, you must surely ask yourself: and how can I increase the chemistry in FUT?

Well, for you to get optimal results, you should hit 10 and 100 respectively. Then see a list of the main items that can help you increase your players’ chemistry score in FIFA 22 FUT:

Player position

The player’s position, which is indicated below his card, will appear in orange, red or green. The color red means he is totally out of position, reducing player and team chemistry. Orange means partially out of position. Although it still reduces some player and team chemistry points, this penalty is less than the color red. The green color means that the players are in the correct position, increasing both player and team chemistry.

Links with other players

Links to other players, or links to other players, are indicated by colored lines between players. As with positions, these lines can appear in red, orange, or green.

Each of the colors indicates a type of connection that these players have (by club, league or nationality.

Red does not mean anything in common, decreasing the chemistry of the player and the team. Orange signifies a common element and increases the chemistry of the player and the team. Finally, the color green indicates that they have two or more qualities in common, increasing the chemistry of the player and the team much more than orange.

However, the actual result of this count is determined by all the player links: each red is -1, each orange is +1, and each green is +2.

Adding up all the links, you need a positive result for chemistry to win.


The coach has chemical characteristics similar to the coach’s player connections, nationality and league (but not his club).

Each player who shares a nationality or league with the coach will receive a chemistry bonus, shown by a small tie icon on his card.


Players who have played 10 or more matches for your club will receive loyalty bonuses, increasing the player’s chemistry by 1 point. It will appear as a green shield on the player’s card.

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As you’ve seen, FIFA Ultimate Team chemistry is a very important aspect when building your squad, as it can make a difference in your squad’s performance in online matches.

Therefore, keep in mind that you should always prioritize these attributes and try to maximize them, as this will allow you to play better and stand out in the competitive mode of FIFA 22.

Apply the tips we’ve given you here, build an amazing team, and remember: when you need FIFA Coins to buy that card you’ve been dating for a long time, count on Futrading for help!

Here we work selling FIFA Coins and, in addition to not practicing comfort trading and offering an anti-ban guarantee, we have the fastest delivery on the market: your order arrives in up to 20 minutes! Thanks so much for reading!