Do you know which is the best FIFA 21/22 right back?

These players are especially important when we are playing against a team that has flaws in the left defense, choosing a quality right back to star in the squad is essential.

Through this strategy, it is possible to create scoring opportunities more easily and, therefore, have more chances of winning the match.

Check out our list of the best right backs in FIFA 21!

Who is the Best Right Back in FIFA 21?

If you want to build players who have the ability to penetrate the enemy’s field and create scoring opportunities, then check out our list below:

  1. Nordi Mukiele – RB Leipzig

Frenchman Nordi Mukiele is a good right-back option for those who want to keep their focus on defense.

Currently playing for RB Leipzig, he has Overall 81, Sprint Speed ​​87 and Jumping 90.

Although he has yet to play for the stronger side, the young Mukiele’s pace and fiscality make him a good defender.

Tall, strong, and fast, he still has 84 Heading Accuracy, 90 Jumping, and 77 Haste.

  1. Aaron Wan-Bissaka – Manchester United FC

England’s Wan-Bissaka was named Crystal Palace’s best player in a poll by fans and players for the 2018/19 season.

With solid play and a favorite right foot, he has 82 Haste, 88 Sprint Speed, 84 Agility and 83 Reactions.

On weaknesses, he suffers from 51 Bearing Accuracy, 48 Long Shots, 43 Volleys, and 45 FK Accuracy.

With an Overall of 83, Wan-Bissaki has the potential to reach 86 and proves to be an option for solid play in defense.

  1. Reece James – Chelsea

Englishman Reece James has strong attributes across the board, except for shots.

While also 86 potential, some of the best stats are Spring Speed ​​81 and Crossing 81.

Highlight for 80 Shooting Power (+5 growth), 77 Dribbling, 80 Ball Control, 78 Haste, 78 and 85 Balance.

  1. Pedro Porro – Sporting

Spaniard Pedro Porro has a high level of dedication and a good long shot.

With an Overall of 80 and Potential of 87, he is small, agile and surprises when facing players to regain possession of the ball.

With a weak point only in 59 Jump and 60 Volleys, his highlights are in 82 Ball Control, 79 Dribbling, 80 Crossing, 83 Sprint Speed ​​and 78 Reactions and Agility.

  1. Noussair Mazraoui – AFC Ajax

Noussair is a technically solid Moroccan player with good pace and endurance attributes that allow him to play in midfield.

With an Overall of 81 and Potential of 86, he is injury-prone but a good dribbler.

The highlights are: 83 Dribbling, Passing and Sprint Speed, 86 Agility, 82 Dribbling and Short Passing, and 81 Acceleration.

As weak points are the 67 for Balance, Curve, Finish and Shot Power, 69 for Aggression and 67 for Finish.

  1. Zeki Celik – LOSC Lille

Turkey’s Zeki Celik doesn’t have as much potential up front, but he is defensively astute and dedicated as a right-back.

With solid stats, he has an Overall of 79 and Potential of 82.

The highlights are: 87 Energy, 80 Sprint Speed, 77 Acceleration, 76 Short Pass and Ball Control, 75 Defensive Awareness, Reactions and Crossing, 72 Curve and 71 Dribble.

On weak points, he has: 68 Long Pass, 67 Agility and Balance, and 65 Steering Accuracy.

  1. Joshua Kimmich – Bayern Munich
lateral direito fifa kimmich

German Joshua Kimmich can be found with cards with an overall rating ranging from 88 to 90.

In his best version, the player has 75 finishing, 88 passing, 87 driving, 84 defending and 83 physical, which makes him a versatile player that can help you to set up attacking situations as well as to make interceptions. in the middle of the field.

Highlight for the 87 points of agility, 91 of reaction and 93 of crossing.

It can be found on the transfer market for values ​​ranging from 4,000 FIFA Coins on regular cards to 70,000 on your best card.

  1. Dani Carvajal – Real Madrid

With 86 overall, the Spaniard Carvajal has 82 in driving, 82 in defense, 78 in passing and 80 in physical. In teams with Spanish speaking players, it can be a great option to increase team chemistry.

Highlight for the 83 points of interception, 84 of reaction and crossing, 79 of acceleration and 80 of pike.

It can be found on the transfer market for amounts ranging from 25,000 to 50,000 FIFA Coins.

  1. Trent John Alexander-Arnold – Liverpool
lateral direito fifa alexander arnold

Englishman Alexander-Arnold can be found on the transfer market in cards ranging from 87 to 94 overall.

At his best, he has 81 finishing, 96 passing, 90 driving, 91 defending and 84 physical, which makes this card one of the best in the game.

Highlight for the 99 points for breath and crossing, 98 for shooting and ball control, 97 for kicking power, 94 for short passing and split standing and 93 for reaction and vision.

It can be found on the transfer market for amounts ranging from 40,000 to 650,000 FIFA Coins.

  1. João Cancelo – Manchester City
lateral direito fifa joão cancelo

The Portuguese João Cancelo can be found on the transfer market in cards ranging from an overall of 83 to 91.

In his best version, the athlete has 94 pace, 82 finishing, 91 passing, 92 driving, 88 defense and 82 physical.

Highlight for the 99 points of breath and power of the kick, 98 of attack position. 95 acceleration, 94 driving and 93 ball control.

It can be found on the transfer market for values ​​ranging from 8,000 FIFA Coins in its simplest version to 450,000 FIFA Coins in its best cards.

  1. Kyle Walker – Manchester City

Englishman Kyle Walker has 86 overall, 93 pace, 77 passing, 79 driving, 82 defense and 83 physical.

Highlight for the 95 points of pike and 90 of acceleration, which makes him a great player to make the team shoot forward and gain a few meters in the enemy field.

It can be found on the transfer market for amounts ranging from 280 to 440 thousand FIFA Coins.

  1. César Azpilicueta – Chelsea

The Spaniard Azpilicueta has 84 overall, 77 passing, 72 driving, 84 defense and 76 physical, which makes him a great player both to play in midfield and to create interesting attacking opportunities.

It’s a very interesting option to build a squad for little money, as it can be found on the transfer market for values ​​ranging from 9,000 to 15,000 FIFA Coins.

  1. Nélson Semedo – Barcelona

The second Portuguese on the list, Semedo has 83 overall, 92 pace, 82 driving, 77 defense and 76 physical.

Highlight for the 93 points of pike and 91 of acceleration, which makes the player excellent to penetrate the enemy field and create scoring opportunities.

It can be found on the transfer market for amounts ranging from 8,000 to 40,000 FIFA Coins.

  1. Ricardo Pereira – Leicester City
lateral direito fifa ricardo pereira

The third Portuguese on the list, Ricardo Pereira, can be found on cards with 85 and 89 overall. He has 90 pace, 84 passing, 87 driving, 86 defense and 82 physical.

He stands out for the 91 points of acceleration, 90 of pike, 94 of breath, 87 of crossing. 88 short pass, 90 reaction and 86 interception, which makes him a versatile athlete capable of creating scoring opportunities and defending the midfield.

It can be found on the transfer market for amounts ranging from 15,000 to 145,000 FIFA Coins.

  1. Sergi Roberto – Barcelona

Spaniard Sergi Roberto has 83 overall, 77 pace, 81 passing, 78 driving, 77 defense and 73 physical.

It can be found on the transfer market for values ranging from 5,000 to 9,000 FIFA Coins, which makes it a great option for those who want to build good teams with little money.

  1. Achraf Hakimi – Borussia Dortmund
lateral direito fifa hakimi

The Moroccan Hakimi can be found on the transfer market in cards that have 83 and 86 overall.

At his best, he has 96 pace, 81 passing, 85 driving, 76 finishing, 75 defense and 79 physical.

Highlight for the 95 points of acceleration and pike, which will help you penetrate the enemy field with ease and create great scoring opportunities.

As a player from Morocco, it can be a little difficult to get along with certain players, so prefer to build a team with Germans, like the team he currently plays for.

It can be found on the transfer market for amounts ranging from 5,000 to 37,000 FIFA Coins.

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