FIFA Global Series (FGS): what it is, how to participate (GUIDE)

como participar do FGS: FIFA Global Series

The FIFA Global Series is the premier event of FIFA gaming as an eSport. It started with FIFA 21 and promises to return in FIFA 22 even more intense.

It is the event with the global elite of FIFA players. Only the best from each region. It takes a lot of preparation and training to get a chance to participate in the Global Series.

So today Futrading brings you a text with everything you need to know about the FIFA Global Series, how to participate and how to improve your skills to qualify for the Regional Cups (Global Series Qualifying Phase). Good reading!

Inside the FIFA Global Series

The FIFA Global Series is an initiative by EA, the producer of the franchise, to find the best FIFA players on the planet.

For that, they make use of the entire online platform they’ve built over the years, such as the Weekend Leagues, weekly events that have become the true competitive mode of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

About 3-5 times a year, Regional Online Cups take place, where Elite 1 ranked players in FUT Champions can participate.

How to apply?

To participate in the FIFA Global Series, you must already be one of the best players online, that is, you must be in the Elite 1 rank in Ultimate Team mode.

To do this, you must win 27 games in a single Weekend League for you to earn Verified Player status.

How to play in FGS?

As we have seen in the previous topics, the FIFA Global Series is an exclusive tournament for the best players from each region of the world.

Therefore, if you want to reach that level, it takes a lot of training and dedication, as FIFA has already established itself as an eSport for some time.

It is to help you who want to grow in the sport and consolidate yourself as one of the best in the world that Futrading today brings you some tips to improve your skills until you reach the level of playing in the FIFA Global Series:

Start with a squad from a specific league

For your team to have more chemistry, it is necessary that your players (at least most of them) are from the same league or the same nationality.

That is, ideally, you choose either players who were born in the same country or who currently play in the same league.

This is logical from a simulation point of view, since players who speak the same language understand each other better, so there is more interaction.

Currently, the national tournament with the most player choices is the Premier League. If you started playing FUT recently, start with an English league squad and gradually adapt your team.

Always do the Squad Building Challenges (DME)

Another advice is not to waste time. FIFA 22 has just been released, so if you want to create a good squad, as soon as you have access to the game, start fulfilling the squad building challenges.

These challenges are a way to get better cards, which you can either put on your team or sell on the transfer market.

Follow the transfer market

In FIFA, the price of players in the transfer market usually varies over time, and the days before the Weekend League are the days when players are more expensive, and they always drop in price on Mondays, at the end of the weekend championships.

Knowing these tips is essential to be able to buy players at a lower price and save the FIFA Coins you’ve accumulated along your journey in FIFA 22.

Another tip is to download the FIFA 22 Companion application, which will allow you to monitor the transfer market from your cell phone.

Como ganhar no FGS?

Improve your defensive skills

Most FIFA players can dribble reasonably well, however, to be able to win online matches within FIFA Ultimate Team, you need to learn to defend well.

Generally speaking, you should avoid the carts, always surround the opponent using L1 or LB and always try to switch players with the analog instead of R1 or RB.

Also remember to use the aggressive stance by holding L2 or LT to have more control over the movement of your defenders and full-backs.

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Use the 5-2-3 formation

Another tip for beginners is to use a 5-2-3 formation, with 3 defenders, 2 fullbacks, 2 midfielders or defensive midfielders, two wingers and a forward.

It is a tactical formation that is safer on defense but quick on counterattack and is good for those who are still learning to refine their defensive skills.

Improve your attack skills

Since FIFA 20, the boat and cart system has made it more difficult to score a successful dribble, especially when you’re playing against more experienced players.

So always train, learn dribbling moves and master each one. It’s going to be a difficult journey, but with patience and willpower you’ll be able to at least dribble all your friends when you’re playing casually.

Customize the tatics used by your squad

Many inexperienced players do not know, but it is possible to give instructions and create more offensive or defensive tactics when building your lineup.

In addition to defining which player will be responsible for each type of kick (such as a corner, long-distance free-kick, close-up free kick, etc.), you can also define the range of players on the field to boost your defense according to the squad. of the rival team.

Don’t forget to give instructions to each of your players, from forwards to midfielders. That way, you’ll be able to create a strategy and adapt to the different types of confrontations that lie ahead.

Test several different lineups

Finally, the last tip is that you test as many available lineups as possible. If you don’t like a card, selling it to buy another is always an option.

However, remember to put the card up for sale only on Thursdays, right before the Weekend League, so you’ll be able to charge a higher price.

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As we have seen, the FIFA Global Series is the biggest event in FIFA as an eSport. It is restricted to Elite 1 players who manage to qualify in Regional Cups.

So if you want to get to that level, you need to train both defense and offense. It is also necessary to always do Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), so you can get more interesting cards while getting rid of useless cards.

Finally, the special tip for those who want to train the defense is to use the 5-2-3 formation, with 3 defenders, because this way you will be able to train your defensive skills better.

FIFA Keyboard Controls: The main basic controls!

controles fifa teclado

Knowing the FIFA keyboard controllers is essential for those times when we don’t have an XBOX or PlayStation controller in hand to play on PC.

As much as it may not seem, this is a very common problem, as console controls were not designed to be used on PC and have a lifespan that may not be as long as ideal.

Therefore, ideally, you should always buy controls made specifically for the computer. There are several options as anatomical as the XBOX controller, which is considered by many to be the best available on the market.

However, while you’re looking for the best prices, it’s interesting to know the controls on the keyboard so that you can spend that time waiting for delivery and still continue playing your favorite game on PC.

So today Futrading brings you the basic keyboard controls in FIFA for PC. Happy reading and let’s play ball!

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FIFA keyboard controls: what are the basic controls on mouse and keyboard?

When you’re playing FIFA 22 on PC and you don’t have a more suitable controller for the game, the only option left is to use the buttons on your computer.

That’s why you’ll basically end up using your mouse and keyboard to control the players on the field and set up your moves.

Here are the main FIFA controls on the keyboard and mouse, so you can have fun while you wait for your anatomical controller to arrive:

Attack Controls

Check out the main mouse and keyboard attack controls below:

  • Mouse in any direction: used to move the player and the reticle;
  • Left mouse button: serves to make short passes;
  • Right mouse button: it serves to kick;
  • No mouse command: it is used for the player to stay still on the field;
  • Spacebar: serves for the player to take a stab;
  • A key: serves as a placement modifier (finishing, passing, receiving the ball, etc);
  • D key: used to send the ball forward during the pike;
  • W key: Serves to make fines and celebrations;
  • E key: for feints and celebrations;
  • R key: used to perform feints and celebrations;
  • Left shift: serves to maintain the direction, but release the reticle;
  • Home: serves to change the taker in rehearsed plays.

Defense Controls

Now check out the main defense controls in FIFA 22 on keyboard and mouse:

  • Mouse in any direction: used to move the player and the reticle;
  • Left mouse button: used to perform a standing split;
  • Right mouse button: serves to run a cart;
  • Spacebar: serves to give a dash;
  • Key A: serves to make a placement;
  • S key: it serves to activate the goalkeeper’s output;
  • D key: used to change player;
  • Left shift: serves to contain the enemy attacker.

Tactic Controls

Now check out some shortcuts to change your team’s tactics while the game is still going, without having to pause:

  • Keys 4 and 5: used to scroll the mindset panel left or right (4 scrolls left, 5 scrolls right);

Through these keys, you can switch to the mindsets: ultra defensive, defensive, balanced, offensive and ultra offensive.

Feint controls

controles fifa teclado fintas

Now check out the main feint controls for you to dribble all the defenders of the opposing team:

  • Q key + Right mouse button: used to feint to the right;
  • Q key + Left mouse button: it serves to do a body feint to the left;
  • W key + Right mouse button: used to pedal to the right;
  • W key + Left mouse button: used to pedal to the left;
  • W key + Right mouse button with circular movement: it serves to give an inverted pedaling to the right;
  • W key + Left mouse button with circular movement: it is used to give an inverted pedal to the left;
  • Q key + Right mouse button with circular movement: serves to rotate to the right;
  • Q key + Left mouse button with circular movement: serves to rotate to the left.

Celebration Controls

Now you want to know what are the main commands to make that different celebration at the time of the goal?

Then check out the list of commemoration controls commands below:

  • Q key + left mouse button: the player makes a heart with his hands;
  • Q key + right mouse button: the player does a forward somersault (if he is an agile player) or does the bullfighter celebration (if he is a less agile player);
  • W key + right mouse button: the player does the robot dance;
  • W key + left mouse button: the player gives kisses to the audience;
  • E key + right mouse button: the player does a sambadinha;
  • E key + left mouse button: the player sucks his thumb and points.

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As you have seen, FIFA 22 keyboard controls are not that complicated to learn. If you are very used to traditional controls, you may find it strange at first, but all you need is patience and willingness to learn to start playing well.

Of course, this will never be the same as playing with a special controller, but it’s good to know what the main commands are for that moment when the only controller you have at home goes through a defect and needs to be repaired, or when you bought a new controller and are still waiting for it to arrive.

Anyway, when you’re playing online matches, you’ll need to build a strong team to face the other players.

And the best way to do that is to buy the rarest and most special cards on the transfer market.

Here at Futrading, we’ve already taught you the best times and days to do your shopping and we’re always bringing new content to help you increase your skills in FIFA 22.

So, when you need coins to buy that rare card on the transfer market, count on Futrading.

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FIFA positions: understand the abbreviations and see squad tips

posições fifa heading

Understanding FIFA positions is very important if you want to play well and be prepared to change your squad in any situation.

For example, if you end up with a player who is a Left Wing, like Neymar, injured and you don’t have any other left winger on your bench, it’s possible to replace him with another player, like Rashford, who is a Left Midfielder. and it will basically perform the same functions.

Understanding how positions work is essential for you to build a lineup that makes sense and put players on the bench who can replace others without major problems and without you having to change your team’s formation.

This is especially useful in online matches, where we don’t have the time to pause the match and think strategically about what decision to make.

Therefore, today Futrading brings you a summary with all FIFA positions and which of them can be used and replaced in other positions.

That way, you’ll always be prepared to face any enemy that crosses your path when you’re playing Ultimate Team. Good reading!

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What are FIFA positions?

FIFA positions are nothing more than the positions in which players play. It is identical to what we are used to in real-life football, where we have forwards, goalkeepers, midfielders, defenders, full-backs and wingers.

What are the FIFA positions?

Check out the complete list of all FIFA positions now:

Goalkeeper (GOAL / GK)

The Goalkeeper, represented by the acronym GOL (or GK in English – Goalkeeper), is one of the most important positions in the game.

Whether in career mode or playing online matches in Ultimate Team, it is essential that you always have two goalkeepers at your disposal: one on the field and the other on the bench.

That’s because we know that anything can happen within FIFA matches. So, in case your goalkeeper gets injured or ends up getting a red card, it’s important that you have another one on the bench to replace him.

Centre-Back (ZAG ​​/ CB)

Defenders, in turn, represented by the acronym ZAG (CB in English – Central Back), form the most important part of your defense on the field.

It’s interesting that you have another one on the bench in case something happens to one of those on the field, especially if you play with a lineup with two defenders.

An alternative is to have two full-backs on the bench, as many players in that position can also act as full-backs without losing overall points.

Right Back (LD / RB)

The right side, represented by the acronym LD (RB in English – Right Back), is the one who takes care of the defense of the right side of the field.

The vast majority of players who play in this position can also be selected to play in the left-back position.

Some of these players can also be cast in games as defenders or as left midfielders or right midfielders, as they perform well both in attack and defense.

In FIFA 21, full-backs who can also play as a right midfielder or left midfielder were represented by the acronym ADD.

However, in FIFA 22 this acronym no longer exists. In any case, check the SoFIFA website. It is the best option to know which players can be selected in these positions.

Left Back (LE / LB)

The left side, represented by the acronym LE (LB in English – Left Back), is the player responsible for defending the left side of the field.

Like right-backs, left-backs can also be cast as right-backs if the need arises.

Some of these players, as well as the right backs, can also be called as defenders or as left or right midfielders.

In any case, just follow the tip we gave in the previous topic and stay tuned to SoFIFA.

Central Defensive Midfielder (VOL / CDM)

The defensive midfielder, represented by the acronym VOL (CDM in English – Central Defensive Midfielder) acts as a more defensive midfielder, but in the end, ends up acting as a handyman in the midfield.

He can be responsible for putting together interesting plays and passing to the other midfield players so that the ball reaches the attacker’s feet.

Central Midfielder (MC/CM)

The midfielder, represented by the acronym MC (CM in English – Central Midfielder) is responsible for setting up the plays.

In very difficult cases, you can put a right midfielder, left midfielder or attacking midfielder to play in this position if necessary.

Right Midfielder (MD/RM)

The Right Midfielder, represented by the acronym MD (RM in English – Right Midfielder) is a slightly more versatile player, who can be scaled in place of the wingers of your team.

He can be replaced by the left midfielder without major problems. In some cases, he may lose some points, but there are players who do well in both positions.

He’s a more attacking midfielder type, but he doesn’t do as well in the more central positions of the field.

If necessary, he can be replaced by a winger or an attacking midfielder.

Left Midfielder (ME/LM)

The left midfielder, represented by the acronym ME (LM in English – Left Midfielder) is a player who is in the offensive part on the left.

Like the right midfielder, he can also play in the opposite position, and there are several players who are versatile and can play on both sides of the field.

Like the right midfielder, these players just don’t play very well in the most central offensive position (although there are exceptions, such as Jadon Sancho) and can be replaced by players who act as wingers.

Central Attacking Midfielder (MEI / CAM)

The Offensive Midfielder, represented by the acronym MEI (CAM in English – Central Attacking Midfielder), in turn, is a type of midfielder who plays more advanced, in a more suitable position for the attack.

They are the most versatile players in the game, as they can replace left midfielders, right midfielders, left wingers, right wingers and centre forwards.

Left Wing (PE / LW)

The left winger, represented by the acronym PE (LW in English – Left Wing) is an attacking player who plays on the left. This is the case of Neymar and Vinícius Jr, for example, and they are some of the fastest players in the game.

Some of these players are more versatile and can play well on both sides of the field, like Ansu Fati, for example, while others can also play as attacking midfielders or centre forwards.

Right Wing (PD / RW)

The right winger, represented by the acronym PD (RW in English – Right Wing) on ​​the other hand, is an attacking player who prioritizes the advance on the right side. This is the case of Lionel Messi and Federico Chiesa, for example.

Like left wingers, right wingers tend to be very fast players with great dribbling skills.

Many of them also play well in the position of attacking midfielders or centre forwards and some players play well on both sides of the field.

Centre Forward (SA/CF)

The centre forward, represented by the acronym SA (CF – Center Forward), in turn, is a player who is almost an attacking midfielder, but who is even more advanced on the pitch.

This is the case of players like João Félix, from Atlético de Madrid, or Karim Benzema, from Real Madrid.

These players are usually quite fast and are great to play in a false 9 formation.

Striker (ATA / ST)

posições fifa atacante

Finally, we have the strikers, represented by the acronym ATA (ST in English – Striker) is the most important position of the attack.

Some examples of players who play in this position are Kylian Mbappe, Erling Haaland, Robert Lewandowski and Cristiano Ronaldo.

They are usually fast players and those who have a good ability to kick the ball correctly into the goal.

Most players in this position cannot play in other positions, but there are versatile options, such as Kylian Mbappe, who can be placed as a left or right winger in your team without major problems.

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As you’ve seen, there are several positions and possibilities that you can utilize when playing in both Career and Ultimate Team modes.

Knowing all these positions and how to change players on the field is especially important in online matches, where you won’t have the time to stop the game and think about all the strategies you can use.

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Learn all formations and master Tactics in FIFA Ultimate Team!

táticas fifa

Learning all FIFA tactics is essential if you want to play well in Ultimate Team. Depending on the type of player you’re facing, it’s sometimes necessary to make difficult decisions on the pitch.

That’s why knowing how all the formations work is very important to get your team to play well and that no mishap happens during the match and you end up taking a silly goal.

That’s why today Futrading is bringing you a special text where we’ll explain most of the formations available in FIFA and how to use them to make a killer team! Check out:


The 4-2-3-1 formation is formed by 2 centre-backs, 2 full-backs (who can be replaced by wingers), two defensive midfielders (Winners or Midfielders), 3 forward midfielders (Winners, Offensive Midfielders, Right Midfielders or Left midfielder) and a forward.

It is a classic formation that can be used in a more open lineup, as well as a closed lineup.

What should you observe in this formation?

In the 4-2-3-1 formation you need to keep in mind that you will only have 2 centre-backs on the field to help you in defense and, although the full-backs also act defensively, they can also act as wingers and go further for attempts. goal.


The 4-2-2-2 formation, on the other hand, is formed by two strikers, who can be traditional strikers or a duo formed by a striker and a second striker.

At the back of the field, you will have two centre-backs and two full-backs, who can also act as wingers, while in the midfield you will have two midfielders, who can be defensive or forwards, and two wingers or midfielders on the left and right sides of the field. field.

What should you observe in this formation?

This formation has a good defensive quality, however, it is more elaborate if you want to play in an advanced way, exchanging steps between the strickers.


The 5-2-3 formation, on the other hand, is suitable for players who have not yet developed their defensive qualities very well.

The defense is made up of 3 centre-backs and 2 full-backs, which makes you more likely to steal the ball in the defensive field.

What should you observe in this formation?

The 5-2-3 formation is excellent for those who are starting to develop their skills in defense, however, it ends up making the midfield a little unpopulated.

Therefore, it is interesting that you put more attacking midfielders, to support your attacking team.

Keep in mind that during matches your team will play with a much more defensive strategy, but you will have plenty of opportunities to counterattack. So make a point of putting fast players in midfield and on the attacking court.

Prioritize the choice of wingers for the offensive part of the wings, as they tend to be faster than the right and left midfielders.

As a striker, you can even have a player a little more truncated if you have a midfield and quick wingers. The important thing is that the stricker has good shooting accuracy and that he has considerable strength, as penetrating the defense can be a little difficult with so few players in the attacking field.


The 4-1-4-1 formation is formed by 2 centre-backs, 2 full-backs, a defensive midfielder, 4 more offensive midfielders and a stricker.

It is well balanced and will guarantee a solid midfield in her matches, however, it is necessary to observe some details, which we will see below:

What should you observe in this formation?

The main weakness of 4-1-4-1 is that you will have few players in attack. Your midfield will be solid and efficient, however, your attack will need to be more precise and faster.

Therefore, if you want to use this formation, it is important that you choose a very fast stricker, even if this ends up harming the quality of the shots a little.

4-3-3 (False 9)

táticas fifa falso nove

The 4-3-3 False 9 is one of the most interesting lineups to use when playing against 4-2-3-1, 4-3-1-2, 4-1-2-1-2 and 3- formations. 5-2.

In it, you will have 2 centre-backs, 2 full-backs, 3 midfielders and 3 players who will act more advanced, in the attack.

Check out below what you should watch out for when using this training.

What should you observe in this formation?

When using the False 9, it is important that you choose wingers and midfielders who are very agile to play forward.

In the central attack, instead of one stricker, the ideal thing is that you select a second stricker, because this way you will be able to advance along the flanks and score goals through quick passes in the enemy field, however, it is not ideal for crosses.

It is a very balanced formation and is well suited for those who like to break through the opposing defense and leave the enemy player confused.


In the 3-1-4-2 formation, you will play with 3 centre-backs, a defensive midfielder, 4 offensive midfielders and two strickers.

It lacks a little in defense, but it guarantees a more solid attack and capable of leaving the enemy confused and not knowing what to do in response.

However, there are some factors that you should consider when using this formation. Check out:

What should you observe in this formation?

The 3-1-4-2 formation lacks a bit on the defensive side. Yes, you will have 3 defenders in your team, however, you will lose your full-backs.

One way to try to reverse this problem is to place full-backs who can act as wingers in the most offensive parts of the field. That way, you’ll be able to steal the ball from the enemy team before they can set up a counterattack.

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As you have seen, knowing all FIFA tactics is very important so that you can organize your team and prepare to face the best FUT players.

Regardless of the formation you choose, to do well in Ultimate Team, it is very important that you train a lot, as most FUT players have a lot of skill and you have to be well prepared to face them.

Here on the Futrading blog, we’ve already brought you several texts teaching you and giving you tips on how to improve both in attack and defense.

So be sure to check out the news on our blog. And when you need FIFA Coins to buy that card you’ve been dating for a while, count on Futranding.

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TOTS (Team of the Season): meet the teams and players

tots team of the season

TOTS FIFA, or Team of the Season FIFA, is a series of cards that are specially released to celebrate the best performances of players throughout the seasons in real life.

These cards are usually released at the end of each real-life season, so FIFA 22 still doesn’t have that many TOTS cards – that is, you can only buy TOTS cards from the 2020/21 season.

So today Futrading brought a special text explaining what TOTS is, how it works, how players are chosen and which major championships are celebrated with the best cards. Good reading!

What is TOTS?

TOTS FIFA is nothing more than the abbreviation for Team of the Season, or Team of the Season in Portuguese.

It is a group of special cards used in FIFA Ultimate Team that form a team with the players who most marked a season and were most in shape.

The famous blue cards are vastly improved versions of last season’s most memorable players and were released in May and June for each of the world’s top football leagues, with three of those fifteen teams being chosen by the community.

For this reason, FIFA 22 does not yet have TOTS cards, as you have to wait to see how teams perform in real life football so that these commemorative cards can be released for you to assemble a team with the best players at their peak. .

Just to give you a sense of how powerful these cards are, check out the FIFA 21 TOTS cards overall, which celebrate moments from the 2020/21 season:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo – 98 Overall Lionel Messi – 98 Overall
  • Robert Lewandowski – 98 Overall
  • Kylian Mbappe – 98 Overall
  • Jan Oblack – 96 Overall
  • Romelu Lukaku – 96 Overall
  • Kevin De Bruyne – 96 Overall
  • Muhamed Salah – 96 Overall
  • Harry Kane – 96 Overall
  • Joshua Kimmich – 96 Overall
  • Bruno Fernandes – 96 Overall

How do TOTS cards work?

As we saw in the previous topics, TOTS cards are commemorative cards, which celebrate the most important and memorable moments of the last season of real-life football.

For this reason, the big news is not yet available in FIFA 22. The players chosen for the 2021/22 season still need to play and the overall cards will depend a lot on the players on the field.

All the more reason to always stay tuned for the UEFA Champions League in the European championships, isn’t it?

Each of the main European championships (and other championships, from other regions of the world) has a TOTS, which lists the best players of the season.

That is, there is a TOTS for the English league (Premier League), one for the Spanish league (La Liga Santander), one for the German league (Bundesliga) and so on.

What are the main championships covered by TOTS in FIFA 22?

Now that you know how TOTS cards work, it’s time to take a look at the top leagues that will be awarded a TOTS at the end of the 2021/22 season. Check out:

Premier League

The Premier League is the top division of the English football league. Big teams are present in this division, such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Leicester United and others.

It is one of the most competitive championships in the world, with a schedule of games that would make any real-life athlete stand on end, especially given the number of games and championships that teams must play.

It is also one of the championships that EA likes the most and there are those who say that the company ends up being too generous when it comes to scoring the athletes in this competition.

Another factor that generates this type of suspicion among players is the fact that it is the country with the largest number of divisions available in the game, which can make the English championship end up being the apple of EA’s eyes.

Anyway, if you want to do well playing FIFA and find good TOTS cards, then you should keep an eye on how things are going in English football and the Premier League.

For a true football fan, that’s not a bad thing, as, nowadays, you’ll see performances from great players like Cristiano Ronaldo, who has returned to Manchester United, or Mohamed Salah, who is in full swing at Liverpool.

La Liga Santander

La Liga Santander is also one of the most disputed championships in the world, with great teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid.

It’s also one of the championships that spawn some of the most coveted TOTS cards among FIFA Ultimate Team players.

And this is all no wonder, as we have incredible players like Karim Benzema and Luka Modric at Real Madrid, Jan Oblak and João Félix at Atlético de Madrid and Gerard Piqué, Philipe Coutinho and Frenkie De Jong at Barcelona.

Ligue 1 UberEats

Ligue 1 UberEats, on the other hand, is the top flight of French football. European football fans sometimes joke that the French league is weaker when compared to the English and Spanish leagues, however, the truth is not quite like that.

Despite being a league with fewer giant teams in European football, the French league has great teams, such as Olympique de Marseille, the only French team that has managed to win the UEFA Champions League to date.

However, the truth is that nowadays the French league is dominated by one team and its name is Paris Saint Germain.

Only at PSG, we have Neymar, Messi and Mbappe, who are simply the best attack you can find in the game today – we are not talking about the team’s defense, which has athletes like Marquinhos, one of the best defenders today.


tots fifa bundesliga

Some European football fans often joke that the German league is dominated by only one team, which is Bayern Munich.

Just look at the results of the last 20 years of the championship that you can see that this game has a little bit of truth.

Nowadays this reality has not changed much, even though teams like Borussia Dortmund have players like Marco Reus is one of the best and most promising strikers today, the Norwegian Erling Haaland.

However, not even a team with two phenomenal forwards is a match for the goalscoring machine that is Bayern Munich.

In addition to one of the best attacks in European football, made up of the dynamic duo Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Muller, the team also has one of the most promising defenses in the championship, with Joshua Kimmich, Alfonso Davies and Dayot Upamecano, all of whom are headed by legendary goalkeeper Manuel Neuer.

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As we have seen throughout the text, TOTS FIFA is nothing more than a series of cards that list the best players from the main leagues in the world.

The special cards released in these editions usually have a more potent overall than the gold cards found in FUT and can be crucial in more competitive matches.

However, the TOTS cards for the 2021/22 season have not yet been released, as the championships are just beginning and it will be a while before we have all the players and their respective performances.

Now it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing how the 2021/22 season will be to find out which of the players mentioned in this text will have a spectacular performance and will receive TOTS cards.

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What is and How does Fut Draft Mode in FIFA 21 works?


Since it was released in FIFA 2016, the Fut Draft mode has had its ups and downs. However, starting with FIFA 19, EA gave this game mode a reinvigoration, which was present in FIFA 20 and is again in FIFA 21.

However, many players don’t know about Fut Draft, how it works and how it’s a great way to put your strategic skills to the test and have fun playing with legendary cards in Ultimate Team mode.

Understand everything about the FIFA 21 Fut Draft mode below:

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What is Fut Draft Mode?


The Fut Draft Mode seeks to challenge the player in their ability to manage a club and build a quality squad that wins matches.

In it, the player receives cards from random players and needs to climb the best team possible with them.

However, there is a detail: access is not free – you need to spend FIFA Points or FIFA Coins to play in this mode.

Fut Draft allows the player to experience the strongest FIFA Ultimate Team player cards. However, they are for temporary use and do not remain in your inventory.

What is Fut Draft for?

The idea behind Fut Draft is to test players’ skills both when playing a game with powerful cards, and when building a squad and managing a team that will play multiple games in a row.

However, beyond that, there is another reason for the existence of the Fut Draft mode.

Let’s face it: not every FIFA player is lucky enough to be able to take the best players out of FIFA Ultimate Team, even if they spend all day opening packs.

How does Fut Draft work in FIFA 21?

In Fut Draft mode, the player must first choose a tactical scheme, which will be their default tactical scheme, and then choose a player to be the captain plus a set of 5 superstars.

The rest of the roster must be filled with 23 players, who will be scaled to their positions from a random draw of 5 players.

After choosing his starting line-up and bench, the player can change places to improve the chemistry between the squad.

Then it’s time for the ball on the field. The challenges take place in a series of 4 matches, which can be played offline or online, against opponents from all over the world.

The more the player progresses, the greater their rewards. The best rewards come when the player manages to win the 4 matches consecutively.

Top Tips for Using Fut Draft Mode in FIFA 21


As it is a lesser known mode for most players, there are some particularities in Fut Draft that make it more difficult for FIFA beginners.

However, it is quite possible to do well in FUT even without having much experience in this modality.

For this, check out some tips to start playing this mode and evolve within it:

Start by Giving Preference to Offline Mode

Even if Fut Draft is played online to achieve more results, it is possible to choose, even at the beginning of the game, the offline mode.

If you’ve never played FUT or are still a beginner, giving preference to it can be an excellent strategy.

After all, this is an easier alternative than playing against other players who have been on this road for a longer time.

Playing with opponents controlled by the game’s CPU, you can choose the difficulty of the match without interfering with the prize pool and adapt better to existing modalities.

It’s a great way to refine your skills before taking on other players who might be much more skilled.

Select Difficulties

Especially in the beginning, try to avoid the higher difficulties and choose the difficulty up to SemiPro, according to your skill.

The reason is clear: the harder the match, the more chances you have of losing the game and ending up losing.

It’s a way to maximize your earnings and avoid losing what you’ve invested.

Attention to Player Engagement

One of the main goals of draft players is to form teams with high scores.

For this to happen, in addition to selecting athletes with a good general level, it is also necessary to make connections between them.

Thus, increasing your final score, which can exceed 190 points.

A nice tip is to pay attention to the chemistry of the players. Players with greater chemistry are more likely to make rehearsed plays and more goals.

So look for players with high ratings, but who also get along well with the rest of the team.

Instead of going by luck, you can be more strategic:

By holding the Square and X buttons (for PS4) or X and A (for Xbox One) at the same time, you can visualize your team and which players have the most characteristics in common with the chosen manager.

With this information, choose the one that can get the most bonuses for the most athletes in the starting lineup.

It’s also worth keeping an eye out for Idol cards, which contribute to chemistry and generally have great quality.

In order not to harm your result, it is worth avoiding players out of position or with bad connections.

Another feature is to use some players in the formation just to generate strong links and replace them with better ones once the match starts.

With that, even burning substitutions without needing, you get cards with better physique and resistance to injuries.

Attention to the Choice of Captain and Technician

Like other FIFA modes, FUT also allows the use of manager cards to increase team chemistry.

For this, the team must have a nationality or league in common with them.

The tip is repeated: hold the Square and X buttons (for PS4) or X and A (for Xbox One) and compare the common characteristics between them.

When choosing the captain, good interaction and rapport with the other players is also the rule.

Again, give preference to players who train in the same region, country or league.

Change Strategies During the Match

Although it is not possible to change the tactics, you can change the strategies while the match is happening – just access the pause menu.

Ultimate Team does not allow you to change your team’s tactics (or formation) while a match is in progress.

Even so, you can customize your team’s strategy.

Some options that can help you achieve a better result in matches are:

  • Centre-back retreated;
  • Midfielders coming back to score;
  • Offensive full-backs;
  • Pivot in attack.

To make these changes, simply pause the game and access the team management menu.

Options include individual instructions, advanced tactics for the entire team and selection of scouts. When well selected, they can be an extra help to win games.

Don’t forget about reserve players

Originally, the bench serves as an alternative for when the chosen player ends up not playing as expected or having an accident.

Likewise, reserve players play an important role in increasing team performance in FUT Draft mode.

Therefore, you should stay tuned to trigger them whenever you see a gap that increases the team’s performance.

Before even finishing team formation, you can move interesting players from reserve to starting team.

This helps to strengthen your squad and improve your rapport with the rest of the players.

You can also start the match with players considered ‘inferior’, but with good connection with the other teammates, and leave some stars in the reserve.

And with that, before the game starts or in the middle of the game, exchange them for better ones that are on the bench.

Keep the formation in line with your style

At the very beginning of each Draft, you need to choose a formation for your team that will be used in all your matches.

Think that, in addition to defining the style of play, positioning can end up influencing the players available for your team.

So, already have in mind which players you want to use and try to define correct positions to increase the chance of finding them.

In addition, understanding whether your style of play is defensive or offensive can help you use this characteristic to your advantage in team formation.

If you have a defensive style, look for players with similar characteristics, as that’s where your advantage lies.

At the end of the day, it’s always worth thinking about the lineup to get the most out of every play.

Can Anyone Enter Fut Draft?

No. The Fut Draft mode is exclusive, that is, it can only be played by players who have a Club Fut and, to play, it is necessary to pay an entry fee with FIFA Points or FIFA Coins.

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Fut Draft is a relatively new mode, but very interesting, especially for those FIFA fans who want to have the experience of feeling challenged and at the same time being able to play with the best cards in Ultimate Team.

However, it should be noted that, in online mode, Fut Draft may not be so kind to those who are starting, as it takes a lot of skill and strategy to be able to face more experienced players.

In addition, the mode is not free: you will need to spend FIFA Points or FIFA Coins to gain access to the most valuable cards in the game temporarily. And the best place to buy your FIFA Coins is through Futranding! Here, you receive your product in up to 20 minutes! Find out more about our services!

FIFA 21 Brazilian Teams you can play with!


In FIFA 21, Brazilian teams are present, but not in their entirety. Although we have big teams, such as Fluminense, Internacional, Santos, etc., not all teams from the Brazilian championship are present in the game.

This has been happening for a few years now because of the way in which players’ image rights are licensed in Brazil. Unlike other countries, there are some peculiarities in Brazilian legislation that make this process a little more difficult.

Check below which Brazilian teams are present in FIFA 21 and the reasons behind this shortage in the text below. Good reading!

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What are the brazilian team in FIFA 21

As we have seen, FIFA 21 does not include all the teams from all the championships that run in Brazil today. This was due to some contractual issues and due to the Pelé Law, which we will explain later in the text.

In all, FIFA 21 has 17 Brazilian teams available to play. Check out the list of Brazilian teams present in FIFA 21 below:

  • Athlético Paranaense;
  • Atlético Mineiro;
  • Atlético Goianiense;
  • Bahia;
  • Botafogo;
  • Ceará;
  • Coritiba;
  • Fluminense;
  • Fortaleza;
  • Goiás;
  • Grêmio;
  • Internacional;
  • Santos.

However, there are still other Brazilian teams present in the game, as EA closed a contract with the Copa Libertadores da América.

With that, teams like Palmeiras, Flamengo, São Paulo, Vasco and other teams that compete in the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana and are listed within the Conmebol flag are in the game, but without their original squads.

Brazilian teams NOT being featured in FIFA 21


Of the Brazilian teams that currently compete in Serie A of the Brazilian Championship, only Corinthians, RB Bragantino and Sport are left out of FIFA 21.

These teams, as well as all Brasileirão B series teams, are available in FIFA 21’s direct competitor, Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 (PES 2021).

Because of this, despite the team being present, the players on the teams are all random athletes, created by EA so that the team would have at least one squad.

How to play with brazilian teams in FIFA 21

If you choose one of the 17 Brazilian teams licensed in FIFA 21 that we mentioned above, you will recognize the faces and names of the players as in the current squad.

In this case, it is only possible to participate in Career mode and other exclusive FIFA 21 game modes with these Brazilian teams.

If you try to play career mode with Corinthians, for example, you won’t be able to.

As we saw earlier, these teams are in the game just for playing in the Libertadores da América, and not even their original squad is present.

That is, while with licensed teams it is possible to play any game mode, with these other Brazilian teams, it is only possible to play loose matches and without the original cast.

In the case of the other clubs, which have been properly licensed, it is possible to play with real world athletes and participate in all other game modes without any problems.

Why do brazilian teams do not own real players in FIFA 21

It’s been a few years since some Brazilian clubs in FIFA 21 don’t have a squad of real players.

Although this is quite frustrating for Brazilian players who want to play with their idols, there is an explanation behind it, and it is called “Lei Pelé”.

In March 1998, the Pelé Law (Law No 9.615/98) was created with the aim of providing more transparency and professionalism to national sport.

Among other things, the law instituted the end of the pass in football clubs, instituted consumer rights in sports, disciplined accountability by club officials and the creation of leagues, federations and associations of various sports.

The idea behind the Pelé Law, in this case, was broader: to give players more autonomy.

Before the Pelé Law, players could not leave their clubs without authorization from the clubs themselves, even without a contract (and therefore without a salary).

At that time, the clubs negotiated among themselves and the athlete was not entitled to 15% of the value of his negotiation.

In other words, there was no transparency in the values ​​negotiated, which cluttered the market and sport in general in the country, since the athlete had no choice or the possibility to make decisions about his own future, like any other normal worker.

It turns out that the Law, despite its good intentions, had direct consequences for the development of games like FIFA 21: clubs no longer held the image rights of their athletes.

Because of that, it becomes more difficult for EA to get a contract with all athletes from all Brazilian teams – not to say impossible.

If before the right to the image was negotiated directly with the leagues and championships, with the Pelé Law, this process became much more difficult, being necessary to negotiate with each club, and, in many cases, the contracts involve exclusivity.

Thus, when a team like Flamengo signs an exclusive licensing agreement with Konami and appears in PES 21 with its full squad, EA is prevented from using Flamengo’s original squad in its game, no matter how much it competes in other championships ( Libertadores) to which EA is entitled.

Brazilian Tournaments present in FIFA 21


In FIFA 21, it is not possible to play the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A, nor the Série B, nor at least the Copa do Brasil, as all these championships were licensed to Konami, that is, they are available in the competitor, PES 21.

To solve this problem and have at least one championship with only Brazilian teams, EA created the Liga do Brasil, which contains the 17 teams licensed by the company and their respective original squads.

It’s not the same as playing the Brasileirão Serie A, but at least EA owns the rights to the Copa Sul Americana and the Copa Libertadores da América, which gives at least a taste of what it would be like to play with the biggest Brazilian clubs.

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As we have seen throughout the text, EA does not have the right to the image of all the players that compete in the Brazilian championships, nor has it made an agreement with all the clubs, which means that many of them do not even appear in the game, or appear with generic teams. .

Although this is very frustrating for football fans who would like to play with their idols, this problem is due to a law that had great intentions during its creation, but ended up causing problems in the future.

One way to try to change this situation is through the pressure of fans through the internet to find an alternative for Brazilian teams to be complete in both football simulators nowadays.

Both FIFA 21 and PES 21 are windows for Brazilian teams abroad, and, by not having all the teams in both games, Brazilian football is the loser.

Squad Battles: EVERYTHING about the mode and its rewards!

squad battles

Squad Battles is a FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) single player game mode that offers various rewards to its players.

It takes place in the form of a weekly competition and is open to all players who wish to participate.

Want to understand everything about Squad Battles, how it works and even see some tips to do better in this game mode?

Then check out the special text that Futrading prepared especially for you today! Good reading!

What is Squad Battles?

Squad Battles is a FIFA 22 game mode played in single player. In it, the player can face other teams assembled by other players from the FIFA Ultimate Team community.

It works just like FUT, that is, with ranking modes that you can go up or down depending on your performance in matches.

It’s also a mode that brings a lot of interesting rewards, like FIFA Coins, which you can use in the Transfer Market, as well as special cards.

How do I qualify for Squad Battles?

Squad Battles is one of the FIFA Ultimate Team game modes where you don’t need to qualify to play.

In fact, it’s an open game mode, in which all players can participate.

However, if you are playing on consoles (XBOX or PlayStation), it is necessary that you pay the monthly subscription to be able to play.

Squad Battles Ranking System

Now that you know what Squad Battles is, it’s time for us to take a look at how this game mode’s ranking system works.

We have already stated here that the higher your rank in the game mode, the greater the rewards you will receive for matches played. Check out:

How does ranking work in Squad Battles?

In Squad Battles, the entire ranking system is defined through Showdown Points. You earn these points over the course of the week and they determine your position in the competition, which takes place weekly.

Each position only holds a certain percentage of players to compete in Squad Battles, so reaching the highest levels requires you to play well.

To get higher rankings in this game mode, you need to earn more Showdown Points than most other players in the weekly competition.

The composition and percentage of each rank in the mode can be found within FIFA 22’s own menus.

So the whole thing goes something like this: if a player is one of the top 200 in the weekly Squad Battles competition, for example, then he will be entitled to rewards based on his position in the Top 200.

Can I change rankings even if I do nothing?

Yes. If you play Squad Battles matches at the beginning of the week and earn a good amount of Showdown Points, you can reach one of the first ranks.

However, if you don’t continue playing throughout the week or earn fewer Showdown Points, other players may continue to play and earn more points than you.

This can cause you to drop down in the overall rankings as other players have performed better than you.

When does the Squad Battles reward come out?

Squad Battles rewards always come out at the end of each competition. As competitions take place weekly, winners and rewards are always announced at the beginning of the following week.

How does the leaderboard update work?

squad battles como funciona a atualização

The leaderboard is updated approximately every five minutes. That way, you can get a sense of how your performance is in the competition in real time.

How do you determine how many Showdown Points I earn at the end of each match?

The formula that defines how many Showdown Points you will receive at the end of each match varies and is different depending on the outcome, whether you win or lose.

After playing the first 40 games of the weekly competition, any further matches you play in the mode will no longer earn Match Points.

That is, you have 40 matches to try to get the best performance possible and to get the top positions, you need to win most of them.

Featured Squad Battles, on the other hand, do not use these formulas. However, in general, the number of points varies according to the difficulty of the game you chose. Check it out below:

  • Beginner: 1,500 points for a win and 1,400 points for a loss;
  • Amateur: 1,550 points for a win and 1,400 points for a loss;
  • Semipro: 1,600 points for a win and 1,400 points for a loss;
  • Pro: 1,700 points for a win and 1,400 points for a loss;
  • International: 1,800 points for a win and 1,400 points for a loss;
  • Legendary: 1,900 points for a win and 1,400 points for a loss;
  • Ultimate: 2,000 points for a win and 1,400 points for a loss.

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As you have seen, Squad Battles is a competitive game mode, in which you will use your team to play against the team of other players.

It is one of the most democratic game modes in FIFA 22, as it can be played offline, even those players who don’t have the best internet connection can play and rank in the highest positions.

In the end, it all depends on your ability to build an elite team and your performance on the field.

If you want to get the biggest rewards, be prepared to train hard, as the teams assembled by the community are strong and quite tough.

This is one of the modes for those who like a good challenge and want to earn good rewards, such as special cards and a good amount of FIFA Coins.

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Top 10 Best FIFA 21 Teams? [UPDATED RANKING]


The best teams in FIFA 21 have two things in common: they are European clubs and they have squads and stars from all over the world.

This is clear when we look at teams and their players.

PSG, with the Brazilian Neymar and the French Mbappe, Juventus, with the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and the Argentinian Dybala, or Bayern Munich, the current champion of the Champions, which counts on the Polish with Levandowski. two things in common: they are European clubs and have squads and stars from all over the world.

Check out the 10 best FIFA 21 teams to play online matches below:

10 Greatest Teams in FIFA 21

FIFA 21 teams are ranked according to various factors, ranging from the performance of the team and athletes in real life, to the average performance of FIFA 21 players with each team in online mode.

Check out the 11 best FIFA 21 teams below:


Liverpool have 10 of the top 100 players in FIFA 21. The highlight goes to Virgil Van Dijk, who is the best defender in the game, with 91 overall.

The reigning Premier League champion also has Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mané and Alisson Becker, all of whom have an overall average of 90.

In addition, the team still has Trent Alexander-Arnold, Roberto Firmino, Fabinho and Andrew Robertson, who have an average of 87, and Jordan Henderson and Georginio Wijnaldum, with 86.

Manchester City

Despite not performing as well as Liverpool last season, Manchester City have a FIFA 21 roster with 9 of the top 100 players.

The highlight is, of course, for Kevin De Bruyne, with 91 overall, and the list goes on with other excellent players, such as Agüero, Raheem Sterling and Ederson, with an average of 89.

Other highlights are Aymeric Laporte and Bernardo Silva, with an average of 87, and Kyle Walker, Riyad Majerz and Rodrigo Hernández, with 85.

Real Madrid

Despite having had an early slump in the Champions League, Real Madrid still has a great team, having 9 of the top 100 players in FIFA 21.

The highlights are Sergio Ramos, Karim Benzema, Thibaut Courtois and Casemiro, with an overall average of 89, Eden Hazard, Toni Kroos and Luka Modrić, with 87, and Raphael Varane and Daniel Carvajal with 86.

Bayern München


The reigning Champions League champion is certainly one of the most balanced teams in FIFA 21. The highlight, of course, goes to Robert Lewandowski, who has 92 overall.

Other players that stand out are Kimmich, with an overall average of 88, Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sané, with 85, and Goretzka, with 84.

It is also worth mentioning one of the best goalkeepers in the entire game, the German Manuel Neuer, with 90 overall.


If we were talking about FIFA 20, Barcelona would definitely be the best team. However, the club has gone through a serious slump in recent times, but that doesn’t mean the team is bad – in fact, it’s still one of the best in FIFA 21.

In all, FC Barcelona has 10 of the 100 best players, and the highlight could not go to another player than Argentine Lionel Messi, with 93 overall.

Other highlights of the club are Ter Stegen, with an average of 90, Sergio Busquets and Antoine Griezmann, with 87, Gerard Piqué and Jordi Alba, with 86 and Miralem Pjanic, Clément Langlet and Frankie Jong, with 85.


Juventus could not be left out of the list precisely because of one name: Cristiano Ronaldo, who has 92 overall.

The Portuguese player is the best striker in the game and the second best overall, however, he is not the only highlight of the Italian club.

In addition to him, the Old Lady has Paulo Dybala, with an average of 88, Giorgio Chiellini, with 87, and Leonardo Bonucci, with 85.

Paris Saint-Germain


PSG is also another great team to play in FIFA 21. The highlight here goes to a duo, which can be considered the best football duo in the world today: Neymar, with 91 overall, and Kylian Mbappe, with 90.

In addition, it has the presence of Marco Verratti, with an average of 86, Marquinhos, with 85, Idrisa Gana Gueye, with 84, and Presnel Kimpembe, with 83.

Club Atlético de Madrid

Atlético de Madrid has always been a very interesting team to play with – and one of the best in FIFA 21. The highlight goes to Luis Suárez, who has 87 overall.

In addition, the team counts on the presence of Diego Costa, with an overall average of 82, Thomas Lemar and Yannick Carrasco, both with 82.


The classic English club Chelsea has a cast to cause fear within the game. The highlight goes to N’Golo Kante, with 88 overall.

In addition, the team still has Timo Werner, Kai Havertz and Thiago Silva, all with an overall average of 85.

Borussia Dortmund


Finally, the German bee, Borussia Dortmund, could not be left out. The highlight goes to the English Jadon Sancho, with 87 overall.

The team also has Marco Reus, with an overall average of 85, and Erling Haaland and Guerreiro, with 84.

A special highlight goes to the Brazilian Reinier Jesus Carvalho, who has one of the biggest growth potentials within FIFA 21.

Best teams for Career Mode in FIFA 21?

The best team choice for playing FIFA 21 career mode will depend a lot on your player profile and the type of challenge you are looking for.

However, as we don’t have space in this text to go into details, we’ve separated some teams that can generate interesting careers within FIFA 21. Check it out:


Choosing the best team to play online in FIFA 21 may not be an easy task, as the football scenario in the world today is very balanced, with great clubs with unique squads that work in their own way.

At the end of the day, it’s no secret to choose when it comes to choosing: the ideal is to choose the team that best suits your style of play. The good thing is that you can test them all individually and see in practice which one suits you.

In Career Mode, the interesting thing is to choose teams that have a good growth potential and that guarantee a good challenge.

FIFA 21 is a massive game with multiple game types, so feel free to try it out. It’s the best way to evolve while having fun.

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FUT Champions: what it is, how it works, tips and FAQ!


FIFA Ultimate Team’s FUT Champions mode is an attempt by EA to place its flagship franchise in the world of eSports.

The idea behind this mode is to reward the players who have the best performance with FIFA coins, packs and exclusive cards.

Depending on your performance, experience and dedication, it is possible to climb to higher ranks and start earning cash prizes among other things.

Understand everything about the FUT Champions mode, how it works, the main questions on the subject and tips to rock this mode in the following text! Good reading!

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Understanding FUT Champions mode

FUT Champions is one of the FIFA Ultimate Team game modes. As this is a weekly tournament, it rewards its best players with fantastic prizes at the end of the tournament.

The FIFA Ultimate Team community can compete in daily tournaments to qualify for weekly and monthly qualifiers.

After all, when we’re talking about FUT Champions, competition is the keyword.

This is the first step taken by EA towards the consolidation of the FIFA franchise as an e-Sport, so the best players earn more Coins, more packs and exclusive cards and, if they reach a very high level in the competition, they can be paid with real money!

How it works?

FUT Champions is a weekly competition that takes place within the Ultimate Team mode, however, to play it you must qualify and register first.

Ranking rounds are played in Division Rivals online mode. At least 2,000 points are required in this game mode to qualify and be able to play Weekend League.

Division Rivals is a mode with no prerequisites and is available every day of the week, distributing points at the end of each match.

That’s why, every Thursday, players who reach the required score will be able to participate in the Weekend League, as long as they register for the tournament.

Registration starts every morning from Thursday to Friday and registration can be done up to 24 hours after the start of the tournament, that is, until dawn from Friday to Saturday.

After that, even if you have accumulated enough points, it is no longer possible to register for the Weekend League.

So if you’re away from your console, you can register via the Companion App, but that costs FUT Champions Points that won’t be refunded if you don’t play.

Why it matters

As we have seen, FUT Champions is a game mode created by EA after many years of insistence from fans, after all, FIFA is a perfect game to be an e-Sport!

It’s an imperfect way, with its flaws, but it’s a way to keep the community alive and talking, as well as, of course, generating profit for the companies involved. There’s nothing fairer than giving prizes to the best players.

EA hopes that, in the coming years, FUT Champions will be able to bring the franchise to the attention of the general public and that it will be consumed in other ways besides the traditional ones.

Tips to keep in mind

In general, all players participating in FUT Champions are very competitive

After all, the only way to earn the rewards of this game mode is to be really good and defeat players from all over the world.

Those who already have skill and can make good decisions with speed end up gaining more advantage.

Even so, there are some tips that can help any player to have a better result in matches and do well in FUT Champions, such as:

Get your team early on

Don’t wait until the last moment to decide which team to use in the Weekend League.

Of course, taking time is necessary, but this indecision can be costly due to the variations in the transfer market, which is increasingly dynamic.

On weekends, cards tend to go up a lot in price, which can cause damage when buying that last minute card.

The same goes for sudden changes of parts or complete teams during competition. They can be much more expensive on weekends.

That’s why it’s worth keeping an eye on the market at midnight on Sunday, when prices tend to drop a lot, with other players getting rid of their rosters and prizes.

Keep fresh alternatives

This is the “secret” that every FIFA player should know. It’s the basics. In addition to changing your team’s way of playing, this can break your opponents’ sequences, giving you more space to put pressure on even with a very tight defense.

Therefore, use the predefined formation spaces and create different variations to alternate during the game and surprise your opponent, or manage to hold your attack once you have your goals guaranteed.

Remember substitutes

Even in an e-Sport, players get tired. Therefore, it is important to use substitutions during the match.

To avoid performance drops in your team, start evaluating which of the players are the most tired or performing poorly.

This evaluation in the first 10 minutes of the second half allows you to change the right players in the first break, at 15.

Substitution gives the team a new lease of life, as you can enjoy players at their peak of energy for the entire duration of the match.

A tip is to opt for more defensive midfielders, which increases your chance in disputes for the ball and keeps it away from your goal.

Stay away from repeated strategies

In FIFA, there are some key moments that allow the famous “manjados” goals. They are the beginning of a match, the 45 of the first half, right after scoring a goal or in the last moments of the game.

So get in the habit of checking the timer often, redoubling your defensive discipline at these key moments.

Position your defense to close the boom and prevent the opponent from having chances to score a goal.

Set the goal to reach 11 wins

In FUT Champions, the objective is to achieve the highest number of victories within the 30 matches.

However, by winning at least 11 of them, you get 2,000 FUT Champions points and automatically qualify for the next Weekend League.

Therefore, it is important that this is your main objective when starting in the game or returning your play.

For this, prior preparation outside the game is very important. In addition to training, it is important that you maintain a good diet and get enough sleep.

With a good hour of sleep a day, your brain stays active in regions related to problem processing and reaction time.

In a game like FIFA, that can make all the difference. So take it easy, be patient and focus on doing your best. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

So that there is no doubt about the Weekend League mode for FIFA, we have selected some of the top questions about FUT Champions.

Check out the answers for each of them below:

Classifying for the Weekend League

The qualification process for the Weekend League takes place exclusively through the FUT Champions points system.

To qualify for the WT, you need to earn at least 2,000 points by playing FUT Division Rivals and the Weekend League itself.

Once the number is reached, you will receive a token that can be exchanged for your participation in the event.

The score depends on the division that will be reached and your performance in each match. The higher the division, the higher the score received.

Even though the token doesn’t expire, allowing you to use it whenever you want, it’s important to remember to exchange it within 24 hours of the start of FUT Champions.

After that, the token is only valid for future participations.

Farming FUT Champions points

You can earn points for playing FUT Champions by playing Division Rivals mode.

As stated above, it is possible to earn points to receive the Weekend League token by playing matches in FUT Division Rivals mode or in WL itself.

To get a good result and reach 2,000 points faster, remember to use our tips to your advantage.

It is worth remembering that, every Thursday morning, players are awarded more points according to their division and ranking.

Exchanging FUT Champions points for Weekend League access

You can exchange your points whenever you open registration for another Weekend League, that is, from Thursday to Friday until dawn from Friday to Saturday.

How to check your FUT Champions points

Checking your FUT Champions Ranking Points balance in FIFA and finding out how close you are to reaching 2,000 is simple.

Just log into FIFA Ultimate Team, select Play and then access Division Rivals.

In the FUT Champions block, just click on the tab to see your point total.

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The Fut Champions mod is a great way to earn exclusive cards and accept greater and greater challenges, after all it is EA’s initiative to enter the world of e-Sports.

However, it takes a lot of effort and dedication to be able to evolve and win the 11 matches necessary to win qualify and be able to win the exclusive prizes.

Anyway, assembling a team with good players and well balanced is essential to be able to win matches and accumulate victories during the Weekend leagues.

So, take the opportunity to take a look at Futrading services. We deliver FIFA Coins to you in less than 20 minutes with an anti-ban guarantee.

FIFA Web App: How to access and solve common issues

fifa web app

Just before the launch of FIFA 2022, EA Sports has already prepared the ground by launching the new version of the well-known FIFA Web App.

The FIFA 22 FUT Web App was released in September 2021 even before the 10 hour EA Access test.

As it is an open application, anyone with an account created in FIFA 21 has already had their account secured in FIFA Web 22.

Within it, it is possible to make transfers, assemble teams, open packs, except play or assemble drafts.

Want to learn more about accessing the FIFA Web App and solving common issues since its launch? Keep reading below!

FIFA Web App: What is it?

The FIFA Web App is an application or platform where players can manage some FIFA 22 tools, such as:

  • FUT Club;
  • Stadium customization;
  • Creating tactics.

Within it, players enjoy numerous features of FUT mode wherever they are.

In addition to the features already mentioned, it is also possible to participate in competitions and buy and sell players.

The application also gives access to several FIFA products to optimize the evolution of players, discussion forums and news about the game reported by EA itself.

Developed by Electronic Arts (EA), it is available for access on desktop or Android and iOS mobile devices via the FIFA Companion app.

However, to use this service, you must play the latest FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

How to enter the FIFA 22 Web App?

Accessing the FIFA 22 Web App is quite simple.

To enter from the computer, simply access the EA or EA Sports website related to Ultimate Team.

On the page, click Launch Web Application and log in with your credentials already registered with EA and used in UT mode.

You must be online in FUT on PC or console to log in.

After that, an answer to the previously registered Security Question or a request about the terms of use may be requested.

But in general, you will be taken straight to the main interface of the Web App, where you can enjoy all the functions of the FIFA 22 platform.

In Squads, you can access your assembled teams and adjust options such as: formation, lineup, player exchange, etc.

In SBC, you can access the complete list of Squad Building Challenges, start new tasks and collect rewards received.

In the Transfers part, you enter the list of active FIFA 22 FUT auctions and you can buy and sell players. The environment also serves to monitor fluctuations in the card market.

Among the various possibilities in the APP, it is also possible to access the FIFA 22 package store.

Access requirements for those who have already unlocked the transfer market

Some of the possible reasons that could indicate why your market is blocked on the Web App:

  • Recent Accounts: Newly created accounts do not have immediate market access on the Web App, despite having access to the market via console or PC.
  • Penalties: If you have received alerts, suspensions or bans in FIFA 20, it is possible that you do not have access to the FIFA 22 Web App, so to unlock it you will need to buy and play FIFA 22, and this process can take between a few weeks and several months. Therefore, the random nature of this process makes it very difficult for some users to access.

Market blocked in FIFA 22 Web App – Identifying the problem

Not being able to access the FIFA 22 Web App transfer market can have a few reasons; normally, you will receive a message from EA to clarify the restriction. And so these are some of the most common messages you may receive:

  1. Your account does not yet have access to the transfer market on the Web App and Companion App. Continue playing FUT on your platform to unlock access to the transfer market. This message means that you need to continue playing on your platform, until you receive a new message that grants you access to the transfer market in the FIFA 22 Web App. (Note: there is no pre-set amount of games to play or any shortcut to speed up this process and not even EA assistance resolves this type of block.)
  2. Your account does not have access to the Web App and Companion app transfer market due to a violation of EA’s Rules of Conduct. You can still use the market on the console. Check the email associated with your EA account for more information. If you receive this message, therefore, it means that you have had access to the market via the Web App blocked by EA. Even so, you can still access the market via PC, PlayStation® 4 or 5, and Xbox One.
  3. Your account does not have access to the transfer market due to a violation of EA’s rules of conduct. If you receive this message, you have lost access to the transfer market on all platforms due to breaches of EA’s terms. The difference between this restriction and the previous one is dependent on how serious the infraction was or depending on the recurrence of these violations.

If your restriction is not related to a violation of EA rules, please continue playing FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) to unlock your market access via the Web App.

Once you get it, be sure to check out the best ways to get coins and build your team on our blog!


If, then, your restriction is not related to a violation of EA rules, continue playing FUT (FIFA Ultimate

The FIFA Web App is an excellent platform for players to interact with each other and access extra game features.
If you are an Ultimate Team fan, be sure to access the FIFA Web App to enjoy FUT’s features.

FIFA Mobile codes: tips and tricks!

códigos fifa mobile

There are no FIFA Mobile codes, as this is a mobile game, it is constantly updated, so whenever they find a bug, it is fixed right away so that no player has an undue advantage.

Although this is bad for those who want to win matches without having the necessary skill to destroy their opponents, this is great for the competitiveness of the game, since everyone will have an equal chance of winning a match.

Even if there are no FIFA Mobile codes, it is still possible to increase your skills and your performance in the game to build a killer squad.

So today Futrading will bring you tips on how to improve your performance in FIFA Mobile, as well as a step-by-step guide on what to do to get the best rewards the game has to offer. Good reading!

About FIFA mobile

FIFA Mobile is EA’s venture into the world of mobile devices. The idea is to take the franchise to a greater number of users.

So the graphics won’t be the same as FIFA when played on PC, XBOX or PlayStation, but it’s still fun.

It’s a great pastime to play when you’re in line at the bank or on the bus and a way to keep having fun even if you don’t have access to the latest video games.

The game was released in 2016 for iOS, Android and PC and works like traditional EA games where the player partially controls a football team.

Despite the controls being a little “harder” than in traditional FIFA, it is possible to evolve your techniques and manage to win more matches within the game.

Another important detail to note about FIFA Mobile is that, unlike regular FIFA, console and PC, FIFA Mobile does not have a career mode and it is not possible to play with all the players you like whenever you want.

In fact, it has a system very similar to FIFA Ultimate Team, the franchise’s online and competitive mode on consoles.

That is, instead of being able to control a traditional team, you will receive cards from players and use them to assemble a killer team in online and offline matches.

Tips for doing well in FIFA Mobile

códigos fifa mobile dicas

Now that you know what FIFA Mobile is and how it works, it’s time to take a look at the top tips to start playing better and massacring your enemies in FIFA Mobile. Check out:

Don’t skip the game tutorial

The first tip is very simple: don’t skip the game tutorial!

There are two reasons to do this and the first is that FIFA Mobile is very different from the FIFA that we are used to playing on consoles.

The controls are not the same and, as it is a mobile game, the gameplay is naturally a little more locked, which makes you need to get used to the controls a little before you start playing well.

Also, finishing the tutorial is pretty easy and will help you get FIFA Coins and extra XP to buy players and buff your team.

Don’t be ashamed to use Auto-Play

Another important detail of FIFA Mobile is that the game has two control modes, one in which you control all the players and another in which Artificial Intelligence helps you control the team, but still allows you to decide the timing of passes and shots the goal.

For those who are starting, the ideal is to use auto-play as much as possible, especially if you are with a weaker team, as the game controls are a little locked and the level of your players can hinder a more manual control of the team.

Always work out the best tactic and choose your formation well

This is a tip that we always talk about here on Futrading and that is also valid for when you are playing any type of match on the console, whether in career mode or FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

In FIFA Mobile in particular, team composition and tactics used are even more important.

The game requires that your team necessarily have 27 players, but the best tactic is to try to make a good team with excellent players in the formation you like the most and already dominate.

Many players try to create a perfect team with all 27 spots on the team and this can be a bad decision, as you will be more vulnerable for a long time and it will hinder your progress during the game.

Always subscribe to leagues

Leagues in FIFA Mobile work like clans in other games and you should always try to join a league once you reach level 5.

So whenever you have the opportunity to join a league to be able to play against other players, don’t think twice: join, even if it’s to gain experience.

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As you have seen, there are no FIFA mobile codes so you can “cheat” and get more coins or irregular matches.

However, it is possible to evolve a lot within the game if you train and follow the tips that we put here in this text.

It’s true, the controls are “harder” and the game is more locked up than FIFA on consoles, however, FIFA Mobile remains great entertainment for those who want a pastime for the hours on the bus or in line at the bank.

It’s also a way to increase the accessibility of other players to FIFA, as not everyone has the resources to buy a high-end console or PC to enjoy FIFA at its best.

And remember: when you are playing traditional FIFA, Futrading can help you. Here, we sell FIFA Coins for you to use in the transfer market and we have an anti-ban guarantee and your order arrives in up to 20 minutes.

FIFA Skills: Discover the main ones and hidden skills!

lateral direito fifa alexander arnold

To succeed in the biggest football franchise in video games, you need to develop your FIFA skills before anything else.

You need to know how to dribble, shoot, defend and control the goalkeepers at crucial moments to never lose a match in FUT.

However, when we’re talking about FIFA skills, we’re talking about player attributes. Being aware of this information is very important if you want to develop a team capable of competing with the best players in Ultimate Team.

So today Futrading will bring you some tips to improve your FIFA skills and understand how to find the key pieces to build a killer team. Good reading!

Main Skills by Position

In order for you to understand the importance of FIFA attributes and skills, it is important that you understand which are the most important skills according to each position.

So, here are the main skills and attributes by position:

Goalkeeper (GK)

When choosing a goalkeeper, keep in mind that one of the most important characteristics is that he is tall.

Otherwise, he may not be able to reach several balls that could be perfectly defended and you will end up taking silly goals.

The ideal is to have or create a goalkeeper at least 1.90 meters tall so that he can stretch and catch those more difficult balls.

In the same vein, it is also important that you develop the attribute of elasticity, as this skill is responsible for jumping on the ball.

Ideally, your goalkeeper should have more than 85 in this attribute, but above 80 is enough to play as a starter.

Finally, another important skill is kicking. It allows you to replace the ball with quality in goal kicks or right after a save. Something around 80 points is enough.

Centre-Backs (CB)


Just like goalkeepers, centre-backs also need height, as they will be responsible for marking the enemy team’s players in aerial balls and can even help you with your aerial balls when you are attacking.

Therefore, the ideal here is that the player is at least 1.80 meters tall. Another important attribute for this position is also pace, as they help you run faster and catch up with the opposing team’s attackers.

It is recommended that the defender has at least 75 average points, but the ideal is that he has more than 80.

Finally, one of the most important attributes that will make a player steal the ball is strength. Ideally, he should have at least 80 points of strength.

Oh, and interception is also a key part of getting the ball back. To build and choose a good centre-back, look for values ​​above 80 on these two attributes.

Full-backs (LB / RB)

In the case of full-backs, the main attribute is rhythm. If he’s too low, they’ll fall behind in the race with the opposing wingers and you’ll be left with a hole in your field.

To avoid this and be able to defend even Messi, it is necessary to have at least 90 points in this attribute, whether natural or with the addition of a chemistry card.

In addition, dribbling, power, interception and passing complete the full-back package. Values ​​close to 80 are ideal, but don’t get hung up on these numbers. Sometimes a little more and a little less may not make much difference.

The main attribute for full-backs is pace. If it’s low, they’ll fall behind in the race with the opposing team’s wingers. To avoid this hole in defense against any player, you need at least 90 in this attribute, natural or with the addition of chemistry card.

Defensive midfielders (CDM)

The midfielder is the defensive midfield. Therefore, this player’s main job is to defend. An average at the junction of defensive attributes is ideal for this type of player.

As the midfielder is a midfielder, he does not necessarily need to be as tall as the defenders, but ideally his defensive skills are above 80, but it is possible to play with a little less.

Strength, on the other hand, must always be above 75, or he will not be able to take down enemy opponents and steal the ball before a play is set up.

Centre midfielders (CM)

Central midfielders need to be very good at passing and need to know how to shoot directly at the goal when an opportunity arises.

So I focus on these pass attributes. Always look for players with these attributes above 80 and with at least 85 on long-range shots.

It’s also good that you find athletes with a similar steering wheel pace, so they’ll be able to advance together.

Central attacking midfielders (CAM)

The main function of the attacking midfielder is to leave the attacking teammates in front of the goal. So at least 80 skill points on passes.

Pace is also very important and needs to be at least 80 for him to be able to run. Kick outside the area and dribbles of at least 85.

Always look for players with multiple skill stars, as these players tend to dribble a lot and leave the other team lost on the field.

Wingers (RW / LW)

The wingers are responsible for making the riskiest plays of the game and forcing the team forward, making dribbles and crosses with the support of the sides.

This is the function where speed is the most important aspect, so the more pace points the better. The ideal is always to look for someone with more than 90 points in these attributes.

Also, dribbling and lots of stars are essential. Don’t get players under 85 dribbling for this position.

Another important aspect is also shot on goal. Wings manage to cut the balls in the angle and leave the goalkeeper of the rival team without knowing what to do.

So look for good dribbling players, who know how to cross the ball and who can shoot for the goal.

Strickers and Centre Forwards (ST and CF)

The striker needs to have a pace above 90 points, as he needs to outperform the defenders when it’s time for a counterattack.

Here the rule is clear: the more points the better.

The rest should be concentrated on finishing. FIFA 22 goalkeepers are taking it all, so it is very important that your striker has these skills very well developed.

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As you’ve seen, FIFA skills are very important for anyone who wants to assemble a killer team to never lose a match in Ultimate Team mode.

So keep an eye on the skills you need and study the cards available on the transfer market before buying a player.

Ideally, you buy a player who will fit in well with your team, with a good chemistry, but who has good stats.

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Check out which are the 16 Best Right Backs in FIFA 21/22


Do you know which is the best FIFA 21 right back?

These players are especially important when we are playing against a team that has flaws in the left defense, choosing a quality right back to star in the squad is essential.

Through this strategy, it is possible to create scoring opportunities more easily and, therefore, have more chances of winning the match.

Check out our list of the best right backs in FIFA 21!

Who is the Best Right Back in FIFA 21?

If you want to build players who have the ability to penetrate the enemy’s field and create scoring opportunities, then check out our list below:

  1. Nordi Mukiele – RB Leipzig

Frenchman Nordi Mukiele is a good right-back option for those who want to keep their focus on defense.

Currently playing for RB Leipzig, he has Overall 81, Sprint Speed ​​87 and Jumping 90.

Although he has yet to play for the stronger side, the young Mukiele’s pace and fiscality make him a good defender.

Tall, strong, and fast, he still has 84 Heading Accuracy, 90 Jumping, and 77 Haste.

  1. Aaron Wan-Bissaka – Manchester United FC

England’s Wan-Bissaka was named Crystal Palace’s best player in a poll by fans and players for the 2018/19 season.

With solid play and a favorite right foot, he has 82 Haste, 88 Sprint Speed, 84 Agility and 83 Reactions.

On weaknesses, he suffers from 51 Bearing Accuracy, 48 Long Shots, 43 Volleys, and 45 FK Accuracy.

With an Overall of 83, Wan-Bissaki has the potential to reach 86 and proves to be an option for solid play in defense.

  1. Reece James – Chelsea

Englishman Reece James has strong attributes across the board, except for shots.

While also 86 potential, some of the best stats are Spring Speed ​​81 and Crossing 81.

Highlight for 80 Shooting Power (+5 growth), 77 Dribbling, 80 Ball Control, 78 Haste, 78 and 85 Balance.

  1. Pedro Porro – Sporting

Spaniard Pedro Porro has a high level of dedication and a good long shot.

With an Overall of 80 and Potential of 87, he is small, agile and surprises when facing players to regain possession of the ball.

With a weak point only in 59 Jump and 60 Volleys, his highlights are in 82 Ball Control, 79 Dribbling, 80 Crossing, 83 Sprint Speed ​​and 78 Reactions and Agility.

  1. Noussair Mazraoui – AFC Ajax

Noussair is a technically solid Moroccan player with good pace and endurance attributes that allow him to play in midfield.

With an Overall of 81 and Potential of 86, he is injury-prone but a good dribbler.

The highlights are: 83 Dribbling, Passing and Sprint Speed, 86 Agility, 82 Dribbling and Short Passing, and 81 Acceleration.

As weak points are the 67 for Balance, Curve, Finish and Shot Power, 69 for Aggression and 67 for Finish.

  1. Zeki Celik – LOSC Lille

Turkey’s Zeki Celik doesn’t have as much potential up front, but he is defensively astute and dedicated as a right-back.

With solid stats, he has an Overall of 79 and Potential of 82.

The highlights are: 87 Energy, 80 Sprint Speed, 77 Acceleration, 76 Short Pass and Ball Control, 75 Defensive Awareness, Reactions and Crossing, 72 Curve and 71 Dribble.

On weak points, he has: 68 Long Pass, 67 Agility and Balance, and 65 Steering Accuracy.

  1. Joshua Kimmich – Bayern Munich
lateral direito fifa kimmich

German Joshua Kimmich can be found with cards with an overall rating ranging from 88 to 90.

In his best version, the player has 75 finishing, 88 passing, 87 driving, 84 defending and 83 physical, which makes him a versatile player that can help you to set up attacking situations as well as to make interceptions. in the middle of the field.

Highlight for the 87 points of agility, 91 of reaction and 93 of crossing.

It can be found on the transfer market for values ​​ranging from 4,000 FIFA Coins on regular cards to 70,000 on your best card.

  1. Dani Carvajal – Real Madrid

With 86 overall, the Spaniard Carvajal has 82 in driving, 82 in defense, 78 in passing and 80 in physical. In teams with Spanish speaking players, it can be a great option to increase team chemistry.

Highlight for the 83 points of interception, 84 of reaction and crossing, 79 of acceleration and 80 of pike.

It can be found on the transfer market for amounts ranging from 25,000 to 50,000 FIFA Coins.

  1. Trent John Alexander-Arnold – Liverpool
lateral direito fifa alexander arnold

Englishman Alexander-Arnold can be found on the transfer market in cards ranging from 87 to 94 overall.

At his best, he has 81 finishing, 96 passing, 90 driving, 91 defending and 84 physical, which makes this card one of the best in the game.

Highlight for the 99 points for breath and crossing, 98 for shooting and ball control, 97 for kicking power, 94 for short passing and split standing and 93 for reaction and vision.

It can be found on the transfer market for amounts ranging from 40,000 to 650,000 FIFA Coins.

  1. João Cancelo – Manchester City
lateral direito fifa joão cancelo

The Portuguese João Cancelo can be found on the transfer market in cards ranging from an overall of 83 to 91.

In his best version, the athlete has 94 pace, 82 finishing, 91 passing, 92 driving, 88 defense and 82 physical.

Highlight for the 99 points of breath and power of the kick, 98 of attack position. 95 acceleration, 94 driving and 93 ball control.

It can be found on the transfer market for values ​​ranging from 8,000 FIFA Coins in its simplest version to 450,000 FIFA Coins in its best cards.

  1. Kyle Walker – Manchester City

Englishman Kyle Walker has 86 overall, 93 pace, 77 passing, 79 driving, 82 defense and 83 physical.

Highlight for the 95 points of pike and 90 of acceleration, which makes him a great player to make the team shoot forward and gain a few meters in the enemy field.

It can be found on the transfer market for amounts ranging from 280 to 440 thousand FIFA Coins.

  1. César Azpilicueta – Chelsea

The Spaniard Azpilicueta has 84 overall, 77 passing, 72 driving, 84 defense and 76 physical, which makes him a great player both to play in midfield and to create interesting attacking opportunities.

It’s a very interesting option to build a squad for little money, as it can be found on the transfer market for values ​​ranging from 9,000 to 15,000 FIFA Coins.

  1. Nélson Semedo – Barcelona

The second Portuguese on the list, Semedo has 83 overall, 92 pace, 82 driving, 77 defense and 76 physical.

Highlight for the 93 points of pike and 91 of acceleration, which makes the player excellent to penetrate the enemy field and create scoring opportunities.

It can be found on the transfer market for amounts ranging from 8,000 to 40,000 FIFA Coins.

  1. Ricardo Pereira – Leicester City
lateral direito fifa ricardo pereira

The third Portuguese on the list, Ricardo Pereira, can be found on cards with 85 and 89 overall. He has 90 pace, 84 passing, 87 driving, 86 defense and 82 physical.

He stands out for the 91 points of acceleration, 90 of pike, 94 of breath, 87 of crossing. 88 short pass, 90 reaction and 86 interception, which makes him a versatile athlete capable of creating scoring opportunities and defending the midfield.

It can be found on the transfer market for amounts ranging from 15,000 to 145,000 FIFA Coins.

  1. Sergi Roberto – Barcelona

Spaniard Sergi Roberto has 83 overall, 77 pace, 81 passing, 78 driving, 77 defense and 73 physical.

It can be found on the transfer market for values ranging from 5,000 to 9,000 FIFA Coins, which makes it a great option for those who want to build good teams with little money.

  1. Achraf Hakimi – Borussia Dortmund
lateral direito fifa hakimi

The Moroccan Hakimi can be found on the transfer market in cards that have 83 and 86 overall.

At his best, he has 96 pace, 81 passing, 85 driving, 76 finishing, 75 defense and 79 physical.

Highlight for the 95 points of acceleration and pike, which will help you penetrate the enemy field with ease and create great scoring opportunities.

As a player from Morocco, it can be a little difficult to get along with certain players, so prefer to build a team with Germans, like the team he currently plays for.

It can be found on the transfer market for amounts ranging from 5,000 to 37,000 FIFA Coins.

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Now that you know the best FIFA 21 right-backs, it’s time to start planning your expenses to build your dream team.

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Ones to Watch (OTW) FIFA: How it works and OTW FIFA 22 list

ones to watch

The Ones to Watch cards are some of the most interesting for those who want to play the Ultimate Team mode, as the statistics of these cards vary according to the performance of players in real life.

So today Futrading will show you all about Ones to Watch items, how players are chosen and the list of players for you to keep an eye on. Good reading!

What are Ones to Watch (OTW) items in FIFA?

Ones to Watch (OTW) items can be translated into Portuguese to “Fique de Olho” items.

It is a category of items in the form of attributes that are assigned to a restricted list of players, replacing their regular cards for a specific period.

They are dynamically updated and have the opportunity to receive increased ratings as the season progresses in real life.

If you have a Ones to Watch item in your club, that player’s ratings will correspond to the item “In Good Stages of Team of the Week”, “Best of the Match”, “Selection of the European Tournament”, “Hero” or “Record Holder” .

All according to the player’s most recent performance in real-life seasons.

That is, the better the performance of that player in real life, the higher his grades will be within his team in Ultimate Team.

How are OTW players chosen?

One to Watch players are chosen through a curatorship that highlights the most promising players who were transferred permanently or on loan for an entire season in the most recent transfer window.

That is, players who have been transferred to a new club are chosen and will still have the chance to show their skills in real life in a new team.

Normally, 23 players are chosen. There is no age restriction, that is, some players over 30 years old can be chosen in this selection. So if you’re a CR7 or Messi fan, don’t worry, they’re on the list.

How to get cards from these players?

To get the Ones to Watch cards they are obtained in the same way you get any other cut, that is, in packs or in the FUT transfer market.

If you want to try your luck opening packs, you can head to EA’s online store and buy them with FIFA Coins or FIFA Points.

However, as we have seen in several articles here on Futrading, buying FIFA Points and opening packs is a very risky way of trying to win special cards.

That’s because you don’t know what’s inside these packs and you might spend all the FIFA Coins you’ve worked hard to earn.

The best option to get these cards, in Futrading’s opinion, is through the transfer market. You may have to spend several Coins at once, but it’s more guaranteed than opening packs.

So remember Futrading when you need FIFA Coins. Here, your order arrives in up to 20 minutes and we have an anti-ban guarantee!

Unlike other methods, there is no need to pass your account or password to us as we do not practice Comfort Trading.

Here’s how it works: you buy your Coins and we’ll send you an email with instructions. You must place the player we nominate on the transfer market and pass his ID on the online platform.

As soon as you put the player up for sale on the transfer market, we will buy that player from you for the amount of FIFA Coins you bought on our website.

It’s a completely secure method of getting your Coins to buy any player you have your eye on on the transfer market.

List of OTW FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Players

Here is a list of all Ones to Watch cards revealed by EA for FIFA 22:

  • Lionel Messi – Left Barcelona for Paris Saint Germain
  • Cristiano Ronaldo – Left Piemonte Calcio (Juventus) for Manchester United
  • Sergio Ramos – Left Real Madrid for Paris Saint Germain
  • Romelu Lukaku – Left Internazionale for Chelsea
  • Raphaël Varane – Left Real Madrid for Manchester United
  • Antoine Griezmann – Left Barcelona for Atletico Madrid
  • Memphis Depay – Left Olympique Lyonnais for Barcelona
  • Achraf Hakimi – Left Internazionale for Paris Saint Germain
  • Georginio Wijnaldum – Left Liverpool for Paris Saint Germain
  • Jack Grealish – Left Aston Villa for Manchester City
  • David Alaba – Left Bayern Munich for Real Madrid
  • Marcel Sabitzer – Left RB Leipzig for Bayern Munich
  • André Silva – Left Eintracht Frankfurt for RB Leipzig
  • Rodrigo de Paul – Left Unidense for Atletico Madrid
  • Anderson Talisca – Left Guangzhou Evergrande for Al-Nassr
  • Dayot Upamecano – Left RB Leipzig for Bayern Munich
  • Saul Ñíguez – Left Atletico Madrid for Chelsea
  • Leon Bailey – Left Bayer Leverkusen for Aston Villa
  • Denzel Drumfries – Left PSV Eindhoven for Internazionale
  • Manuel Locatelli – Left Sassuolo for Piedmont Calcio (Juventus)
  • Joaquín Correa – Left Lacium for Internazionale
  • Thomas Delaney – Left Borussia Dortmund for Sevilla
  • Danny Ings – Left Southampton for Aston Villa
  • Steven Berghuis – Left Feyenoord for Ajax
  • Marc Cucurella – Left Getafe for Brighton
  • Donyell Malen – Left PSV Eindhoven for Borussia Dortmund
  • Fikayo Tomori – Left Chelsea for Milan
  • Xherdan Shaqiri – Left Liverpool for Olympique Lyonnais
  • Paulinho – Left Braga for Sporting
  • Junior Firpo – Left Barcelona for Leeds United
  • Héctor Bellerín – Left Arsenal for Real Betis
  • Ibrahima Konaté – Left RB Leipzig for Liverpool
  • Eduardo Camavinga – Left Rennes for Real Madrid
  • Justin Kluivert – Left Roma for OGC Nice
  • Myron Boadu – Left AZ for Monaco

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