EA Employees Under Investigation Over Illegal Trading of FIFA 21 Cards

Recently, the fact that EA would be investigating some employees for selling FIFA 21 Ultimate Team mode cards, covering values between 900 and 2,500 dollars, has become a subject.


The controversy arose when a twitter profile called FutArcade exposed prints of negotiations with the alleged card sellers. But the cards traded had no record of any previous owner, making it clear that the seller had some level of control over the cards in question.

During the backlash, users raised the hashtag #EAGATE, bringing back a subject that was already the subject of discussion: EA’s pack selling scheme, and certainly is already well known as a great game of chance.


EA, which has not commented on the matter in 10 days since its last Update Note, despite receiving complaints from several users along with evidence, seems to have no intention of keeping this matter relevant; perhaps because he has already paid dearly for the system he uses in the form of a million-dollar fine.

This fear by EA has support, such as FUTWatch’s tweet in response to streamer Nick28T, claiming that the company had declared before a court that Ultimate Team items could not be sold for real money.

While EA collects cases of meaningless punishments for conventional players, such as the Felipe Melo case, the biggest cheating scheme of the Ultimate Team era takes place in their own backyard.


Unfortunately, EA has already spoken out for some time now about the lootbox scheme and does not seem to have any intention of sticking to a different system. In addition, the company has clearly stated that it does not believe that its packs are comparable to lootboxes, but rather a “surprise mechanic” similar to a Kinder Egg.

“Nós vemos elas [as lootboxes] como mecanismos de surpresa. Se você for até uma loja de brinquedos, e procurar por brinquedos que causem algum tipo de surpresavocê perceberá que é algo que as pessoas gostam. É algo que faz parte da indústria de brinquedos há anos, seja na forma de Kinder Ovos, Hatch’em Alls ou LOLs. Nós acreditamos que o método com o qual implementamos essas mecânicas […] é bastante ético e divertido para as pessoas.”

Vice-presidente de assuntos legais e governamentais da EA, em tribunal.

We can’t expect any big changes in such a short period of time, even more so after EA won a lawsuit related to the dynamic difficulty of packs to encourage future purchases.


The fact is that, today, we already have enough data to prove the ineffectiveness of buying points, the traditional model of card acquisition in FIFA21, including a study we did in practice.

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FIFA Championships: main tournaments and how to participate

campeonato de fifa

If you’ve already developed your skills to a level where competitive online matches have become very easy, then you’re definitely looking for a FIFA championship to sign up for and, who knows, earn some money.

Know that there are several FIFA championships around the country and the world, some of them being official and carried out by EA itself, while there are other parallel ones, with other rules of participation, but which are still fun and challenging.

Therefore, today Futrading brings you some of the main FIFA championships in Brazil and the world. Check out:

What are the main FIFA championships?

Officially, EA has some FIFA championships in which the best players in the game’s online modes can participate. They are the Weekend Leagues and the Global Series.

Weekend Leagues are more comprehensive events where the best FUT players can sign up.

The Global Series is a more exclusive event where only the best of the best get a chance to participate.

Check out a little more about each of these categories below:

Weekend Leagues

Weekend Leagues are weekly competitions in which the best players in FUT mode can register and participate.

To sign up, you need to meet some requirements during the week to be able to accumulate enough FUT Champions Points to buy an entry Token.

You earn FUT Champions Points throughout the week by playing matches in Division Rivals, an open mode for all players.

Once you qualify for the Weekend League, you’ll face off against the best players in your region in a total of 30 matches. The goal of Weekend Leagues is to get as many wins as possible.

Based on the stats generated by your performance over the weekend, you will fall into some player tier, from Bronze 3 to Elite 1.

The higher your rank, the higher the prizes you will receive, as well as your chances of qualifying for the Regional Cups.

Regional Cups

The Regional Cups, in turn, are the next stage of FIFA. Those who have performed the best within the Weekend Leagues can qualify for these events, which take place 3-5 times a year.

Only players ranked Elite 1 in the Weekend Leagues can enter these competitions, which precede the FIFA Global Series. That is, you must win at least 27 games in a single Weekend League to achieve Verified Player status.

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 Global Series

Finally, the EA SPORTS FIFA Global Series is an EA initiative to find the best FIFA players on Earth.

Remember Weekend Leagues and Regional Cups?

So, only those players who stand out in the Regional Cups participate in the Global Series. That is, only the elite of the elite will compete in this mode, which takes place once a year, revealing players around the world.

Other competitions

In addition to the official competitions held by EA, there are also some parallel championships around the world and Brazil. Check out a little more about some of the main FIFA championships:

Virtual Lawns

Virtual Lawns is a Brazilian championship created in 2010 whose main mission is to take well-organized FIFA Brazil competitions abroad.

It is an organization recognized in the country for its integrity and excellent organization. They have already organized a total of 200 championships, all with their due awards given to the winning participants.

To participate, you just need a PS4 or XBOX ONE console and be a PS Plus or Live subscriber and you can now participate in the online championships.

It is also necessary to register on the site and make a small payment, which will be used to reward the winners and make the FIFA championship viable.

How to participate in FIFA tournaments?

campeonato de fifa como participar

If you want to participate in EA’s official tournaments, there’s no secret: you’ll need to train hard and dedicate yourself to the maximum to improve your skills, be able to qualify for the Weekend Leagues and try to get a good positioning.

As EA is trying to consolidate FIFA as a true eSport, then there is no more room for bugs and tricks that give you an unfair advantage over other opponents and this is very good for the competitive scenario.

This helps to filter out only the best players, those who have developed their skills to a high level and are prepared to face any challenge.

You can prepare for these scenarios with the help of initiatives like Futrading, which sells FIFA Coins for you to use in Ultimate Team.

Especially if you want to test different cards and lineups, Futrading can help you get easier access to those cards that you think will make you play better and be able to beat your opponents.

It’s a way to test the most possible formations and assemble a perfect team for the time to play in the championships in Brazil and around the world.

On the other hand, if you want to participate in competitions parallel to EA, as is the case with Virtual Lawns, you will have to pay a small entry fee.

This amount is charged in most side competitions as it helps organizers to maintain themselves and is also used to increase the amount of the final prize given to the winner of the competition.

Remembering that in these parallel championships, the prizes are usually much smaller than official championships, but it’s still worth knowing and signing up, especially if even the online matches are already making you sleepy.

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As you have seen, there are basically two types of FIFA championships, official and parallel. If you want to play the officers then you better start training as the community is very skilled.

If you want to play a parallel championship, be prepared to spend some money on your registration and have fun testing your skills, as it will also be very competitive.

In any case, you can prepare for these moments and test the best squads with Futrading. Here, we sell FIFA Coins and we’ll help you test lineups and cards that you think will make a difference in your style of playing.

Thanks so much for reading!

5 TIPS to buy FIFA COINS safely

Buying FIFA COINS safely is something that every FIFA player is looking for at some point. However, the Internet is infested with scammers and because of the risk of being banned by EA, it is essential to know some important tips.

First of all: there is no way to send coins from one club to another. All transfers take place within the Ultimate Team transfer market, buying and selling players. 

We consulted some of the most experienced professionals in the field, and they all pointed to the following tips to buy your FIFA COINS safely:

Look for high-capacity suppliers

The multi-trade account draws more attention from EA’s surveillance system and makes it more likely to be banned. Therefore, what is meant by high capacity refers to the number of sellers available to carry out transactions for your account in order to make the process more organic in the eyes of the EA system.

Escape the comfort trade

In this method of buying and selling currencies, the seller needs access to their account to perform currency transfers. That if the seller actually intends to continue the contracted process. Therefore, avoid sharing your access data with others at all costs. In addition to the risk of losing your coins or even your account, your data can be used for various other types of fraud.

Avoid large transfers at once

For the same reason as looking for high-capacity vendors, avoid large transactions in order to avoid eye-popping transfers from EA’s system. So downloads of 100-500k weekly or daily are much safer.

Choose real players as sellers

The accounts of players who actually play the game often tend to have better quality.  Also, EA’s system even analyzes the number of games played, the frequency of login and other activities that indicate whether the account is a real player or just a bank of coins.

Look for an intermediary

With the internet, opportunities occur in several occurrences of scams applied to the free market, social networks and WhatsApp. So whenever you trade, choose a trusted intermediary to allow trading.

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Playing FIFA on PS4 or Xbox One: which console is the best?

fifa playstation ou xbox one

Every fan of the greatest football simulator has wondered “FIFA: PS4 or XBOX One?”.

It is a very common and very pertinent question, because although the differences seem to be few, they exist and everything will depend on your preference.

However, we also need to say here that, with the new generation of consoles, the differences have gotten even bigger and that the option to play on PC is also quite advantageous for those who want to test both types of controllers to find the one that best suits their needs. style.

Therefore, today Futrading will show you what to evaluate when choosing the platform you will use to play FIFA and the advantages and disadvantages of each platform. Good reading!

FIFA PS4 or XBOX ONE: What to evaluate on the console to choose the best?

When choosing a console to play FIFA 22, the factors to be considered depend a lot on the context of each person.

If you have enough money to buy a high-end console like the PlayStation 5 or XBOX Series, be aware that this option is way better than the PS4 or XBOX One.

That’s because the graphics are much better on this console and there are some differences that can make the game more fun.

For example, when playing in the opposing team’s stadium on PS5 or XBOX Series, if you’re making a chocolate on the opposing team, you’ll see the stadium crowd emptying out in real time – and the same happens if you’re drinking a chocolate in your stadium .

On the other hand, if you already have a high-end PC, with the most powerful graphics cards on the market, this functionality will also be there.

If you don’t have the money to make a big purchase like a PS5 or XBOX Series, you can also have fun.

That’s because the PS4 and XBOX One are still great consoles and there’s no gameplay difference from the past generation to the new. The only difference is in graphics and functionality.

Another factor you should consider when choosing a console to play FIFA 22 is the controls.

Some say that the XBOX controller is more ergonomic and better for playing FIFA, however, this is a matter of personal taste, so our suggestion is that you find a way to test both options on your own.

FIFA PS4 or XBOX ONE: What platforms is FIFA available to play on?

fifa playstation ou xbox em quais consoles

Now that you’ve seen what factors to consider when choosing a console to play FIFA 22, see the advantages and disadvantages of each of the platforms FIFA is available on today:


XBOX One is a console from the past generation. Despite that, it’s still a great option to play FIFA 22, as there aren’t many differences between it and the next-gen console.

The big difference between the two is in the graphics. Player, field and stadium models are simpler on XBOX One.

While for some people these characteristics make a total difference, for those who just want to have fun, it is not such a big factor to be taken into account.

The advantage of choosing an XBOX One is that you will pay a lot less than choosing an XBOX Series, as it is an outdated console.

On the other hand, as new editions of FIFA are being released in the next few years, the version of XBOX One could be very outdated.

XBOX Series

As we saw in the previous topic, the main advantage of the XBOX Series over XBOX One is the graphics, which are much better than in the last generation console.

In the XBOX Series, you can see more details in the modeling and animations of the players on the field, as well as the better details of the audience and the stadium.

That’s because the new generation consoles have a graphics engine that can render lighting that is practically equal to the real world.

This ensures more realism for the simulator overall.

In addition, we also need to highlight the advantage of using XBOX over PlayStation: the controls.

XBOX controls are recognized worldwide for being more ergonomic to play FIFA when compared to PlayStation.

This is because the analogs are not in the same position, as is the case with the PlayStation controllers. This ensures that you change game options faster.


The PS4, like the XBOX One, is also a great option for those who don’t have that much money to spend and are just looking to have fun.

The graphics engine on this console can’t simulate real-world light and doesn’t have as much detail as on the PS5 and XBOX Series.

However, it’s still a great option for those who don’t have a very high budget and want to play online in the most competitive modes.


The advantages of the PS5 over the PS4 are also basically the same as the advantages of the XBOX Series over the XBOX One.

That is, there is a better graphics engine, which will guarantee you better image quality, especially if you have a 4k television.

However, the big disadvantage of this console (and the XBOX Series) is the price. In addition to the console being more expensive, games are too.

Therefore, it is an investment for those who have some money to spare and don’t mind spending more than 5,000 reais on a console.


Finally, the PC is one of the best options, especially for those who already have a computer assembled and only need to replace a few parts.

Although the price of video cards soars on account of cryptocurrency investors, in the long run, the PC is more advantageous than a console, as you don’t need to buy an entirely new platform, only replacement parts.

The big downside of PC to FIFA, however, is that you have to necessarily buy a controller to play better.

The keyboard controls are not user-friendly compared to the controls.

On the other hand, you can use the more ergonomic option, as the XBOX is a console from Microsoft, which is the most common operating system on gamer PCs.

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Conclusion: after all, what is the best console to play FIFA?

As you’ve seen, there are big differences between XBOX and PlayStation when it comes to playing FIFA. These differences are not present so much in the graphics, but in the controls.

XBOX controls are more ergonomic and allow for more agile play when compared to PlayStation controls.

The big difference, however, is in the graphics. New generation consoles are much more realistic thanks to the graphics engine on these consoles, which allow for more details and can simulate real-life lighting.

In the end, the best console to play FIFA will depend on your financial condition. The most important thing, in the end, is that you can have fun playing.

Thank you so much for reading!