about futrading

Created in mid 2019 by an association of fanatical FIFA Ultimate Team players, Futrading has become an international reference in the FUT currency market.

With a main focus on improving the user experience in the game, Futrading puts the customer first, trimming all the edges to provide the best and safest FIFA Coins service on the internet.

The core pillar of Futrading is to bring greater transaction security to FIFA Ultimate Team players. The process of transferring the coins allows the shipment to be disseminated among several suppliers around the world. This way, the same customer will never be receiving their FIFA Coins from the same supplier.

In addition to strengthening numerous casts of fifieiros around the world, Futrading stands out for the financial opportunity generated for thousands of players, who sell their coins around here and earn important income for their families.

Come and join this successful community too! There are more than 30,000 customers attended all over the world. Let’s play!