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sell fut account

Welcome to the session where you earn money playing your favorite game!

There are 2 ways to earn money playing FIFA on Futrading:

Selling an Account
Very quick process, simple, and that pays better! You give us your account access data (must have web app access) and receive payment quickly after validation by our team.
Selling the coins
Selling the coins: you carry out the process yourself, we show a player to be bought on the FIFA market, you buy and receive in sequence. It requires a seller registration in futrading to access the Offer Pool and find the right demand for you.

A simple account with an accessible market on the WebApp is a great value here on Futrading. We only buy accounts with open WebApp market and many matches played. We don´t buy accounts out of these conditions. 

Also untradable players is something we can´t put value on. Only the coins balance and the account conditions (matchs played and open market) matters to us.

Account Valuation

Send us access for quick expert review

Receive the proposal

We will send you an email with a proposal within 24 hours

Payment - Use Paypal

Receive in the registered payment method

requirements to sell an account

Give full access to your account (PSN, LIVE, EA and Origin)

Must have access to the market through the WebApp (see how to check access)

All fields must be completed

*EA Email: This is the email registered in your EA account. Try logging in to this link to verify:

Origin Password: is the password to access your EA registration (check the link above)

*Backup codes: to see your codes, go to the link, click on ‘security’ and then on ‘view’ backup codes:

How to sell fifa ultimate team FUT account?

FUT accounts have been gaining more and more space in the fifa market. To sell a fifa ultimate team account, you will need to provide all your access data (PSN, LIVE, EA and Origin). This is an ownership transfer , all the content of your team, as well as the platform user profiles, have a new owner after the negotiation is completed.To sell an account on Futrading, make sure that your account has free access to the market through the WebApp. if your account has access via the following link, access your account, go to transfers and check if you can buy any player in the transfer market:
Note: ‘Keep playing…’ message means that your account does not have access to the market through the WebApp

How to unlock the market in FIFA WebApp?

There is only one way to release the FUT market in the Webapp. PLAYING! In fact when a console already has many FUT accounts created on it, it becomes increasingly difficult to release new accounts. Usually, in a new console, when creating an account new, release should take place after 3-4 days playing 3-4 games per day. A second account would take around 6-7 days. A third account 10-12 days. The challenge becomes more and more difficult for free access to the transfer market in the fifa app. It doesn’t matter if the matches are online or offline, as long as they are completed by the final whistle.


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