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FIFA 23: Icons and Heroes Good and Cheap

Icons and Heroes are great options to have on your team in FIFA 23. But we know that it’s not always easy to have a Ronaldo or Cruyff in your life, right? But rest assured, fifeiro. Because there are options that you can replace to supply your cast.

So today I’m going to show you the good and cheap Icons and Heroes for your team in FIFA 23!

And remembering that, at Futrading, we tested all the cards to give you the tips!

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Park Ji Sung

The first option of the good and cheap Icons and Heroes for your team is the Korean Park Ji Sung. The midfielder, who played in the Premier League, has high attributes in all sectors of the card. This makes him very flexible on the field, being able to play in several sectors in his team.

The highlight of the player is his balance, and he’s a great card that can adjust to meta formations and tactics. The best position we found for the player was as an original MC and first midfielder. He has a great interception, and manages to position himself well on the line in front of the defenders.

In addition, he provides great support in attack, guaranteeing goals with his consistent infiltration.

Cape Town

The Spanish left-back is one of the big names in the FIFA 23 goalkeeper. Being a more defensive player, the highlight of the card is also the balance of attributes.

Capdevila manages to give more structure to his defensive line, and he has the “long run” style, which makes him able to keep up with the wingers in disputes at speed. He clashes with other widely used full-backs (such as Theo, for example) and manages to supply its sector well.

If you have him on the bench, an extra tip is to use him as a steering wheel for the second half. He gives a great ‘gas’ in the game and manages to score well in the middle too.


The Dutchman who was present in the glory years of the Italian giant also makes the list. Seedorf is a great option to be a second defensive midfielder or a natural midfielder.

He has a great presence on the field and his passes are very regular. The card’s bonus is having 4 star skill and bad leg, which makes it an outlet to go on the attack.

The player has a great shot from distance, so don’t forget to use this attribute, as in FIFA 23 it’s much easier to score from outside.

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One of the cheapest heroes, the American is a darling of fifeiros.

Being also versatile, it manages to be very efficient in several ranges of the field. We recommend using the letter at the end, as it can be super efficient there. Mainly for his quality in finishing and good breath.

With the ‘Falcão’ style of chemistry, he ends up being a great piece for your team.


If you’re looking for a faster and more agile attacking player, Brolin is the guy for you!

Heavier players are not always efficient in FIFA, and that makes the Swede a very complete option for your attack. With good speed and a powerful shot, we really liked his characteristics in testing. For those looking for a similar player, he reminds a lot of Ben Yedder (EA’s darling).

Pay attention to your breath, but it’s a very good option for your team.


Another good and cheap option for attack: Crespo.

He really is a ‘bugadinho’ player, since his overall is not so high, but he manages to give a lot of work to his opponents. He is a 4/4 player, agile and killer for his offense. He makes a great striker and opens up the defense lines.

Your passing sometimes leaves something to be desired, but with a chemistry style you can overcome that.


The Serbian defender is a great cheap option for your squad.

In addition to joining the team of good and cheap Icons and Heroes for your team, Vidic has several in-game cards, and almost all of them are well used in FIFA competitions. Therefore, do not think that the baby version is weak, because it really surprises. Very strong and with a lot of aerial vigor, the defender is very suitable for you who want to reinforce your defenders.


The secret and underrated: Suker. Not everyone really knows the player, but he is always highlighted in the players’ evaluation.

Being off the radar, he is very accessible and can make a total difference in your team. We consider it one of the best good and cheap options on our list. The game is really buggy!


Joe Cole is one of the most used Hero cards by players in FIFA. And this is not for nothing.

Playing well in various positions on the field, the Englishman is very complete and supplies the ends of his team a lot. Being very agile and with a good shot, the best position for him is the more open midfielder.

Remember to put the instruction for him to enter the area at intersections, as he makes a lot of difference stepping into the area and going to the bottom line.

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*information was taken from FUTBIN and values ​​may vary.

So, Fifeiro, which of the good and cheap ones don’t leave your team? Tell us!

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