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Find Out Who Is The Best Left Back In FIFA 21!


The world of football today is very competitive, with a varied and complex range of athletes specialized in the most different positions to perform the most different functions.

All this is very good and gives more variety to football in the world, making it more diverse and rich in general.

And nowadays, with the video game phenomenon, finding the best players is very important for both real world clubs and FIFA players.

So today Futrading brings you a list to answer which is the best left back in FIFA 21! Good reading!

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Best Left Back in FIFA 21? Discover the Top 10

The left-back position is very important for every football team, especially when a team is playing against another that has a flaw in the right defense or a very powerful right attack.

Check out the 10 best left-backs in FIFA 21 below:

Robertson – Liverpool

Andrew Robertson is one of the best left-backs available in FIFA 21. He was a 2019 UEFA Champions League champion with Liverpool and continues to have a brilliant career with the team, performing his role efficiently.

He has strong attributes in virtually every category, with the exception of submissions, with an overall of 87. In addition, he has 81 in defense, 83 in pace, 80 in passing and an impressive 95 in breath and 90 in crossing.

Jordan Alba – Barcelona

Jordi Alba Ramos, in turn, currently plays as a left-back for Barcelona and is one of the great darlings of the game.

Despite being older (the athlete is 31 years old), he has 86 overall, with 88 dribbling and 81 passing, which makes him a great player to build a bolder attacking strategy.

Alex Sandro – Piedmont Calcio (Juventus)


The Brazilian Alex Sandro, on the other hand, is one of the most balanced left-backs in the game when it comes to the balance between attack and defense.

However, despite having an impressive 81 defense and physique, he is mostly used for schemes that free him up more for defense.

With 29 years and an overall of 85, he shines in the Ultimate Team mode when building hybrid teams with Brazilian players.

Alex Telles – Porto/Manchester United

Another Brazilian, Alex Telles left Porto and was hired by Manchester United, appearing among the 5 best left-backs in the game.

With an overall rating of 84, he has 85 pace, 83 passing, 74 finishing, 76 strength, 80 dribbling and 79 defense.

Tagliafico – Ajax

The Argentine Tagliafico is the sixth best placed left back in the list of best players in that position.

With 84 overall, the player is good both in defense and attack, with 82 in pace and defense, his only problem is with submissions, where he has only 56 points.

Grimaldo – Benfica

Grimaldo, on the other hand, is a great option for those who like a left-back who goes on the attack.

Possessing 85 pace and dribbling, he stands out for his 90 breath, 84 cross and 81 short pass.

With 84 overall, he still has 71 physique and 77 defense, and can reach 88 overall in FIFA 21’s career mode.

Marcelo – Real Madrid

Real Madrid winger Marcelo unfortunately lost points in FIFA 21 due to his poor performance at the club.

In FIFA 19, the Brazilian reached 88 overall, but in FIFA 21 he appears with only 83.

Still, it’s still a great option to complement your team, especially if you’re making hybrid teams with Brazilians.

Mendy – Real Madrid

Frenchman Mendy is Marcelo’s great competitor at Real Madrid, being a great option for those looking for an incredibly fast and physically strong athlete.

He has an impressive 92 in pace and 82 in physicality, despite not being very good at submissions, with only 64 points in the category.

With an overall rating of 83, he can go up to 88 in career mode.

Alphonso Davies – Bayern Munich


Alphonso Davies is by far the best choice for left back in career mode. At just 19 years old, he is one of the highlights of Bayern Munich, the defending champions of the EUFA Champions League.

He has 81 overall, he can reach level 89 in career mode, with an impressive 96 for pace, acceleration and pike, as well as 83 for dribbling. His weak point, however, is his finishing and passing, where he has 69 points.

Reguilon – Tottenham

Finally, the Spaniard Reguilón is a great option to play the career mode, although it is not such an effective choice for Ultimate Team.

With 82 Overall, the Tottenham winger has 85 pace, 73 passing and can reach level 89 in career mode.

Luke Shaw

Englishman Luke Paul Hoare Shaw currently plays for Manchester United, but debuted for the professional Southampton Football Club team in 2012.

Left-handed, he specializes in left-back and has a high/medium work rate.

In addition to 81 overall, the winger has 82 long passing, 69 short passing, being his weak point, and can reach level 86.

In skills, 80 dribbling, 83 curve and 82 ball control stand out.

Theo Hernandez

Frenchman Theo Bernard Hernández, better known as Theo Hernández, plays as a left-back for Milan.

With a preference for his left foot, he has 84 overall, 78 short passing and 68 long passing.

Other weaknesses of him are finishing (68), curve (69) and volley (66).

On the other hand, his good points make him a speed dribbler: 79 for ball control, 74 for heading accuracy, 92 for acceleration and 84 for sprint speed.

The player still has the potential to reach level 90.

Ferland Mendy

French left-back Ferland Sinna Mendy currently plays for Real Madrid.

With an overall rating of 83, he has potential up to level 86.

Also considered a speed dribbler, he has 91 acceleration, 92 sprint speed, 81 agility and 78 balance.

As weaknesses are shooting power (69), long shots (64), finishing (63) and volleys (50).

The player still has 72 heading accuracy, 80 short passing and 78 long passing.

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Currently playing for Liverpool, Englishman Trent John Alexander-Arnold is better known as Alexander-Arnold or simply Arnold.

Right-handed, he has an overall of 87 and the potential to reach level 90.

His strengths are related to the pass, with long shots of 75, short pass of 87 and long pass of 90.

The player’s weaknesses are in heading accuracy (69), volleys (62), strength (63) and finishing (60).

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Choosing a good left back is very important for the game’s tactical scheme. The ideal, at the end of the day, is to have two types of players for this position, one on the field and one in the game.

The choice of which one to field will depend on the team you are up against. If it’s a team with flaws in the right defense, a more offensive left-back might be a better option.

In the case of a very good right attack, a defensive player can save a match.

However, remember: you should always consider the players’ chemistry when building the Ultimate Team. Always look for players who play in the same league when building your team and you should do well.

And when buying players in the FIFA market, you will need FIFA Coins. And the best place to buy your FIFA Coins is on Futrading!

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