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FIFA 20: Is it a game of chance or a slot machine?

Alguns países estão associando o Ultimate Team do FIFA à jogos de azar e “Slot machine”. Porém, o que isso quer dizer? É só clicar aqui e entender.

There were several recent news relating the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team to games of chance or “slot machine”, as it is known in the gringa. However, what does this really mean? To better explain it to you, we have prepared this text, check it out.


For starters, games of chance are those played by casinos, normally. It is self-explanatory, as they are games that depend on probability or better known as luck.

Whoever provides these games, bets on the highest probability and always has the highest chance of winning, aiming to profit from their operations. On the other hand, if you bet and win, either you are VERY lucky or the game owner is VERY unlucky.

In some countries, including Brazil, gambling is prohibited by law. The rationale for such a ban is: they are highly addictive and make players vulnerable to losing everything they have.


In FIFA, the only way to put money into the game is through FIFA Points. With it, you can buy player packs to equip your team. However, these packages, for many experts, fall under the concept of “slot machine” or slot machines. Basically, it’s like you’re putting a certain amount of money to spin the wheel and see what happens.

Most of the time, the outcome is uncertain. Because the odds are pretty murky and you never know if there’s manipulation or not. The game provider has the power to modify the odds in any way it sees fit.

However, what we do know is that the provider of this type of game always bets on the highest probability. Because that’s how they’re going to profit, it’s no different on Ultimate Team.

So, by opening a pack with players on FIFA Ultimate Team, EA is betting with you. Because you won’t get any items of value and, fueled by the dream, you’ll keep trying again.

In Belgium, the Court ordered the prohibition of this system. Therefore, EA can no longer sell FIFA Points in the country. Only FIFA Coins can be used to open the packages. Because of this, it is possible that this measure applies in other countries where games of chance are prohibited. And Brazil is one of those countries.

So if you want to play with the game, know your odds. The chance of losing is much greater. That’s why we always recommend avoiding packs, but don’t limit your enjoyment if that’s what completes your game satisfaction.

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