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There are no FIFA Mobile codes, as this is a mobile game, it is constantly updated, so whenever they find a bug, it is fixed right away so that no player has an undue advantage.

Although this is bad for those who want to win matches without having the necessary skill to destroy their opponents, this is great for the competitiveness of the game, since everyone will have an equal chance of winning a match.

Even if there are no FIFA Mobile codes, it is still possible to increase your skills and your performance in the game to build a killer squad.

So today Futrading will bring you tips on how to improve your performance in FIFA Mobile, as well as a step-by-step guide on what to do to get the best rewards the game has to offer. Good reading!

About FIFA mobile

FIFA Mobile is EA’s venture into the world of mobile devices. The idea is to take the franchise to a greater number of users.

So the graphics won’t be the same as FIFA when played on PC, XBOX or PlayStation, but it’s still fun.

It’s a great pastime to play when you’re in line at the bank or on the bus and a way to keep having fun even if you don’t have access to the latest video games.

The game was released in 2016 for iOS, Android and PC and works like traditional EA games where the player partially controls a football team.

Despite the controls being a little “harder” than in traditional FIFA, it is possible to evolve your techniques and manage to win more matches within the game.

Another important detail to note about FIFA Mobile is that, unlike regular FIFA, console and PC, FIFA Mobile does not have a career mode and it is not possible to play with all the players you like whenever you want.

In fact, it has a system very similar to FIFA Ultimate Team, the franchise’s online and competitive mode on consoles.

That is, instead of being able to control a traditional team, you will receive cards from players and use them to assemble a killer team in online and offline matches.

Tips for doing well in FIFA Mobile

códigos fifa mobile dicas

Now that you know what FIFA Mobile is and how it works, it’s time to take a look at the top tips to start playing better and massacring your enemies in FIFA Mobile. Check out:

Don’t skip the game tutorial

The first tip is very simple: don’t skip the game tutorial!

There are two reasons to do this and the first is that FIFA Mobile is very different from the FIFA that we are used to playing on consoles.

The controls are not the same and, as it is a mobile game, the gameplay is naturally a little more locked, which makes you need to get used to the controls a little before you start playing well.

Also, finishing the tutorial is pretty easy and will help you get FIFA Coins and extra XP to buy players and buff your team.

Don’t be ashamed to use Auto-Play

Another important detail of FIFA Mobile is that the game has two control modes, one in which you control all the players and another in which Artificial Intelligence helps you control the team, but still allows you to decide the timing of passes and shots the goal.

For those who are starting, the ideal is to use auto-play as much as possible, especially if you are with a weaker team, as the game controls are a little locked and the level of your players can hinder a more manual control of the team.

Always work out the best tactic and choose your formation well

This is a tip that we always talk about here on Futrading and that is also valid for when you are playing any type of match on the console, whether in career mode or FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

In FIFA Mobile in particular, team composition and tactics used are even more important.

The game requires that your team necessarily have 27 players, but the best tactic is to try to make a good team with excellent players in the formation you like the most and already dominate.

Many players try to create a perfect team with all 27 spots on the team and this can be a bad decision, as you will be more vulnerable for a long time and it will hinder your progress during the game.

Always subscribe to leagues

Leagues in FIFA Mobile work like clans in other games and you should always try to join a league once you reach level 5.

So whenever you have the opportunity to join a league to be able to play against other players, don’t think twice: join, even if it’s to gain experience.

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As you have seen, there are no FIFA mobile codes so you can “cheat” and get more coins or irregular matches.

However, it is possible to evolve a lot within the game if you train and follow the tips that we put here in this text.

It’s true, the controls are “harder” and the game is more locked up than FIFA on consoles, however, FIFA Mobile remains great entertainment for those who want a pastime for the hours on the bus or in line at the bank.

It’s also a way to increase the accessibility of other players to FIFA, as not everyone has the resources to buy a high-end console or PC to enjoy FIFA at its best.

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