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FIFA Skills: Discover the main ones and hidden skills!

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To succeed in the biggest football franchise in video games, you need to develop your FIFA skills before anything else.

You need to know how to dribble, shoot, defend and control the goalkeepers at crucial moments to never lose a match in FUT.

However, when we’re talking about FIFA skills, we’re talking about player attributes. Being aware of this information is very important if you want to develop a team capable of competing with the best players in Ultimate Team.

So today Futrading will bring you some tips to improve your FIFA skills and understand how to find the key pieces to build a killer team. Good reading!

Main Skills by Position

In order for you to understand the importance of FIFA attributes and skills, it is important that you understand which are the most important skills according to each position.

So, here are the main skills and attributes by position:

Goalkeeper (GK)

When choosing a goalkeeper, keep in mind that one of the most important characteristics is that he is tall.

Otherwise, he may not be able to reach several balls that could be perfectly defended and you will end up taking silly goals.

The ideal is to have or create a goalkeeper at least 1.90 meters tall so that he can stretch and catch those more difficult balls.

In the same vein, it is also important that you develop the attribute of elasticity, as this skill is responsible for jumping on the ball.

Ideally, your goalkeeper should have more than 85 in this attribute, but above 80 is enough to play as a starter.

Finally, another important skill is kicking. It allows you to replace the ball with quality in goal kicks or right after a save. Something around 80 points is enough.

Centre-Backs (CB)


Just like goalkeepers, centre-backs also need height, as they will be responsible for marking the enemy team’s players in aerial balls and can even help you with your aerial balls when you are attacking.

Therefore, the ideal here is that the player is at least 1.80 meters tall. Another important attribute for this position is also pace, as they help you run faster and catch up with the opposing team’s attackers.

It is recommended that the defender has at least 75 average points, but the ideal is that he has more than 80.

Finally, one of the most important attributes that will make a player steal the ball is strength. Ideally, he should have at least 80 points of strength.

Oh, and interception is also a key part of getting the ball back. To build and choose a good centre-back, look for values ​​above 80 on these two attributes.

Full-backs (LB / RB)

In the case of full-backs, the main attribute is rhythm. If he’s too low, they’ll fall behind in the race with the opposing wingers and you’ll be left with a hole in your field.

To avoid this and be able to defend even Messi, it is necessary to have at least 90 points in this attribute, whether natural or with the addition of a chemistry card.

In addition, dribbling, power, interception and passing complete the full-back package. Values ​​close to 80 are ideal, but don’t get hung up on these numbers. Sometimes a little more and a little less may not make much difference.

The main attribute for full-backs is pace. If it’s low, they’ll fall behind in the race with the opposing team’s wingers. To avoid this hole in defense against any player, you need at least 90 in this attribute, natural or with the addition of chemistry card.

Defensive midfielders (CDM)

The midfielder is the defensive midfield. Therefore, this player’s main job is to defend. An average at the junction of defensive attributes is ideal for this type of player.

As the midfielder is a midfielder, he does not necessarily need to be as tall as the defenders, but ideally his defensive skills are above 80, but it is possible to play with a little less.

Strength, on the other hand, must always be above 75, or he will not be able to take down enemy opponents and steal the ball before a play is set up.

Centre midfielders (CM)

Central midfielders need to be very good at passing and need to know how to shoot directly at the goal when an opportunity arises.

So I focus on these pass attributes. Always look for players with these attributes above 80 and with at least 85 on long-range shots.

It’s also good that you find athletes with a similar steering wheel pace, so they’ll be able to advance together.

Central attacking midfielders (CAM)

The main function of the attacking midfielder is to leave the attacking teammates in front of the goal. So at least 80 skill points on passes.

Pace is also very important and needs to be at least 80 for him to be able to run. Kick outside the area and dribbles of at least 85.

Always look for players with multiple skill stars, as these players tend to dribble a lot and leave the other team lost on the field.

Wingers (RW / LW)

The wingers are responsible for making the riskiest plays of the game and forcing the team forward, making dribbles and crosses with the support of the sides.

This is the function where speed is the most important aspect, so the more pace points the better. The ideal is always to look for someone with more than 90 points in these attributes.

Also, dribbling and lots of stars are essential. Don’t get players under 85 dribbling for this position.

Another important aspect is also shot on goal. Wings manage to cut the balls in the angle and leave the goalkeeper of the rival team without knowing what to do.

So look for good dribbling players, who know how to cross the ball and who can shoot for the goal.

Strickers and Centre Forwards (ST and CF)

The striker needs to have a pace above 90 points, as he needs to outperform the defenders when it’s time for a counterattack.

Here the rule is clear: the more points the better.

The rest should be concentrated on finishing. FIFA 22 goalkeepers are taking it all, so it is very important that your striker has these skills very well developed.

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As you’ve seen, FIFA skills are very important for anyone who wants to assemble a killer team to never lose a match in Ultimate Team mode.

So keep an eye on the skills you need and study the cards available on the transfer market before buying a player.

Ideally, you buy a player who will fit in well with your team, with a good chemistry, but who has good stats.

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