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Power your journey at EAFC 24 with Squad analysis - the ultimate tool for players more ambitious players.

In doubt if you have assembled the best squad with the players you have?

Our experts, including professional players and the main influencers of the scene, will carry out a thorough review of your squad, revealing exclusive tips and strategies to improve your performance.

How it works?


Step 01

You purchase the package with us.


Step 02

Send a photo of the squad, bench and tell us a little about your playing style.


Step 03

In just a few hours, you will receive an analysis of the main improvements, suggested reinforcements and what to avoid in your game.

Why is Futrading's analysis different?

We don’t just take into account the squad itself, but we suggest changes based on your playing style, your strengths, and also your weaknesses.

Do you still have any questions
about the Squad Analysis?

It is the most assertive and economical way to improve your team. A professional will evaluate various aspects of your game and your team and suggest killer improvements to raise your level in the game.

We will ask for some data about your team such as: formation, squad, strengths, game mode, available coins, among others. Carefully analyze each aspect and propose the improvements that best fit your profile.

Analyzes are generally completed within 24 hours, with a maximum deadline of 72 hours.

Totally, no personal data will be shared.

Maybe yes! After purchasing, indicate your objective and we will put together the best possible team within your budget.

Yes, as many times as necessary

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Squad Analysis

Improve with strategy and surgical changes to make better use of your budget


Unlock your maximum potential in the game with tips from the best mentors in the scene


Develop your knowledge about the entire game environment and position yourself wisely in the scenario


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