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FIFA Web App: How to access and solve common issues

fifa web app

Just before the launch of FIFA 2022, EA Sports has already prepared the ground by launching the new version of the well-known FIFA Web App.

The FIFA 22 FUT Web App was released in September 2021 even before the 10 hour EA Access test.

As it is an open application, anyone with an account created in FIFA 21 has already had their account secured in FIFA Web 22.

Within it, it is possible to make transfers, assemble teams, open packs, except play or assemble drafts.

Want to learn more about accessing the FIFA Web App and solving common issues since its launch? Keep reading below!

FIFA Web App: What is it?

The FIFA Web App is an application or platform where players can manage some FIFA 22 tools, such as:

  • FUT Club;
  • Stadium customization;
  • Creating tactics.

Within it, players enjoy numerous features of FUT mode wherever they are.

In addition to the features already mentioned, it is also possible to participate in competitions and buy and sell players.

The application also gives access to several FIFA products to optimize the evolution of players, discussion forums and news about the game reported by EA itself.

Developed by Electronic Arts (EA), it is available for access on desktop or Android and iOS mobile devices via the FIFA Companion app.

However, to use this service, you must play the latest FIFA Ultimate Team mode.

How to enter the FIFA 22 Web App?

Accessing the FIFA 22 Web App is quite simple.

To enter from the computer, simply access the EA or EA Sports website related to Ultimate Team.

On the page, click Launch Web Application and log in with your credentials already registered with EA and used in UT mode.

You must be online in FUT on PC or console to log in.

After that, an answer to the previously registered Security Question or a request about the terms of use may be requested.

But in general, you will be taken straight to the main interface of the Web App, where you can enjoy all the functions of the FIFA 22 platform.

In Squads, you can access your assembled teams and adjust options such as: formation, lineup, player exchange, etc.

In SBC, you can access the complete list of Squad Building Challenges, start new tasks and collect rewards received.

In the Transfers part, you enter the list of active FIFA 22 FUT auctions and you can buy and sell players. The environment also serves to monitor fluctuations in the card market.

Among the various possibilities in the APP, it is also possible to access the FIFA 22 package store.

Access requirements for those who have already unlocked the transfer market

Some of the possible reasons that could indicate why your market is blocked on the Web App:

  • Recent Accounts: Newly created accounts do not have immediate market access on the Web App, despite having access to the market via console or PC.
  • Penalties: If you have received alerts, suspensions or bans in FIFA 20, it is possible that you do not have access to the FIFA 22 Web App, so to unlock it you will need to buy and play FIFA 22, and this process can take between a few weeks and several months. Therefore, the random nature of this process makes it very difficult for some users to access.

Market blocked in FIFA 22 Web App – Identifying the problem

Not being able to access the FIFA 22 Web App transfer market can have a few reasons; normally, you will receive a message from EA to clarify the restriction. And so these are some of the most common messages you may receive:

  1. Your account does not yet have access to the transfer market on the Web App and Companion App. Continue playing FUT on your platform to unlock access to the transfer market. This message means that you need to continue playing on your platform, until you receive a new message that grants you access to the transfer market in the FIFA 22 Web App. (Note: there is no pre-set amount of games to play or any shortcut to speed up this process and not even EA assistance resolves this type of block.)
  2. Your account does not have access to the Web App and Companion app transfer market due to a violation of EA’s Rules of Conduct. You can still use the market on the console. Check the email associated with your EA account for more information. If you receive this message, therefore, it means that you have had access to the market via the Web App blocked by EA. Even so, you can still access the market via PC, PlayStation® 4 or 5, and Xbox One.
  3. Your account does not have access to the transfer market due to a violation of EA’s rules of conduct. If you receive this message, you have lost access to the transfer market on all platforms due to breaches of EA’s terms. The difference between this restriction and the previous one is dependent on how serious the infraction was or depending on the recurrence of these violations.

If your restriction is not related to a violation of EA rules, please continue playing FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) to unlock your market access via the Web App.

Once you get it, be sure to check out the best ways to get coins and build your team on our blog!


If, then, your restriction is not related to a violation of EA rules, continue playing FUT (FIFA Ultimate

The FIFA Web App is an excellent platform for players to interact with each other and access extra game features.
If you are an Ultimate Team fan, be sure to access the FIFA Web App to enjoy FUT’s features.

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