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FIFA 21 News: What you can expect of the newest release

What's new in FIFA 21?

Every year EA brings several changes to its biggest sports franchise, FIFA, and this year couldn’t be different. However, many of these changes go unnoticed by a portion of the players, being noticeable only by the most fanatical.

Now, in FIFA 21, several changes have been implemented, the main and most striking of which is the departure of Tiago Leifert as narrator, giving way to Gustavo Villani.

However, the changes are not limited to just that. There is also a complete overhaul of the collision engine as well as improvements to Artificial Intelligence to provide challenging and competitive offline matches.

Check out everything new in FIFA 21 in the text below!

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FIFA 21: What’s New?


FIFA 21 has arrived and brings with it a series of new features that promise to make the game more realistic and give players more options. Check out the main news below:

Interactive Simulator

One of the main new features of FIFA 21 is found within the Career Mode (first implemented in 2004) which is an interactive simulator.

Through this new feature, players will be able to simulate games and enter and exit the match to control the most important moments of the game, such as chances and shots on goal, penalties and free kicks.

In addition, it will be possible to follow the game simulation at twice the speed or simulate the game to the end at any time.

Player Development

Another new feature of Career Mode is your player’s specialization. In other words, it will be possible to create players specialized in different roles within the matches.

If you want to create a striker who specializes in free kicks, for example, this task will be easier and more intuitive, as the game system is based on your starting playing position and the attributes that best adapt to the style of the player. player.

It will also be possible to choose the growth focus for each athlete. Development will happen based on the player’s XP accumulation and performance in matches, as well as their evolution projection.

New Training System

This new training system will provide information such as team performance levels through match sharpness.

It is a statistical tool, which will indicate the probability of a player having a good performance or not in the decisive moments of a game.

Such a system will allow the player to configure group training to improve the team’s chances in the most important moments of the game: attack and defense.

Training Schedule Planning

In FIFA 21 it will be possible to manage and plan your team’s activities, such as training and rest days during the week.

The player will have complete freedom to create the schedule that he deems most appropriate to maintain the balance between the psychological and physical parts of his athletes.

Improved Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence used in the game has also undergone several changes to increase the challenge of offline matches against the computer.

These changes are accompanied by the inclusion of a Competitive Mode, where the game’s AI is more complex and harder to beat, with a greater scope of moves and positioning strategies on the field.

New Transfer Options

FIFA 21 also brings a number of innovations with regard to interactivity and ways to make transfers in career mode.

In this version of the game, it will be possible to make loan offers with entitlement fees for future purchases to ensure that new talents remain on your team.

In addition, the user will be called upon to respond to player exchange proposals suggested by managers of other AI-controlled clubs while preparing to optimize their team during transfer windows.

New Leagues and Licenses

A big obstacle for EA in Brazil is the licenses with big teams and their players.

Unfortunately, the Brazilian League will not count on the presence of teams like Flamengo, São Paulo, Corinthians and Palmeiras, as these clubs have already signed a contract with Konami or have not signed any contract (Palmeiras).

These teams will still be present in the game due to their presence in Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana, but their game modes will be limited with options linked only to continental tournaments.

However, traditional leagues such as the Champions League, Europa League, Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, Recopa, Premier League, Bundesliga and many others will continue to be present in the 2021 version of the game.

Greater Realism Changes to Game Mechanics

The FIFA franchise has always been known for pioneering the most advanced game mechanics to bring the best possible experience to its players.

In FIFA 21, these changes were already expected and, as in every new version of the game, they came to bring more realism to the games.

The main change is the remodeling of all the game’s offensive systems, that is, the way players dribble, run and position themselves on the field.

All this reformulation was done both to increase the realism of the plays and to allow greater tactical freedom to the players.

Another change is the implementation of a new engine for physical contact between players, that is, the entire collision system was redone precisely to bring more reality to the moments of lack.

Brazilian Times and New Narration

As we saw earlier, Brazilian teams will be present in the game, and some of them will have minor gameplay limitations, such as Flamengo, São Paulo, Corinthians and Palmeiras.

The game’s narration has undergone a major change. The former narrator of the games Tiago Leifert, now makes room for Gustavo Villani, who has worked on CBN and Globo radio stations.

As a commentator, Caio Ribeiro remains firm and strong.

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FIFA 21, as in every edition, brings with it many new features and changes in game mechanics.

Although many turn up their noses at certain changes (especially in the latest editions of the game), this quest for innovation is what makes EA and FIFA the biggest when it comes to football in video games.

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